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Jan 30, 2009 04:03 PM

Best Truffles!

STOP what ever you are doing. Get into your car, take a taxi, take the TTC, heck dress up warm and ride a bike or even walk to Sitting Around Eating Bon Bons. Without a doubt, here are the best chocolate truffles I’ve ever eaten. I’ve made truffles many times and these are better than what I make. If I don’t mind saying so I make a good truffle, maybe too much Grand Marnier or Ice wine, but what I do make are good. I’ve worked in the patisserie trade for a number of years, I’ve done wholesale, retail and restaurant work. These are the best truffles I’ve ever had.

Sitting Around Eating Bon Bons is located in what I believe is an odd location, but is at 3308 Lakeshore Blvd West, here is the phone # 416-503-3313 and the web site http://www.sittingaroundeatingbonbons....

You need to look closely because it is not easy to spot. In fact I was two doors down from this place yesterday and did not even notice the joint. It is a small place and has a very limited selection at this time of the year. Trish is the owner and also the artful creator of these fine, fine truffles.

We walked in and purchased just a couple of things, not sure if they are any good. More often than not my wife and I are disappointed in purchasing truffles. So we only purchased two truffles, banana chocolate and one with ginger and honey. My wife was in the passenger seat and I was driving, and that was a good thing. The look on her face as we drove up Browns Line was almost X-rated! I begged her to have a nibble and she reluctantly allowed me a nibble. Before I could allow the little nibble to melt away I turned right around and made my way back. The $40.00 in my pocket was about to be traded for what the gods eat on a special occasion.

These two truffles where full of flavour, the ginger after taste was spicy, not hot, but spicy. Mixed with the organic chocolate, well it was amazing! The banana was also very good; it was like eating a creamy dark chocolate dipped into banana, again amazing!

The only down side was that it was just after 5:00PM on a Friday when we returned and she had closed up for the night. I still have that $40.00 and tomorrow will return and leave with assortment of different truffles.

This is without a doubt a Chow Hound find. I fear that due to the location she is not a busy with her very fine truffles as she should be. Place this joint right next to the fellow who roast his own cocoa beans and makes his own chocolate and I fear that he may be in trouble! Best truffles bar none!

The web site also lists other locations that sell her very fine truffles, here is the link http://www.sittingaroundeatingbonbons....

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    1. Ok, so we went back to Sitting Around Eating Bon Bons and what a delight. These are very fine chocolate truffles. They use Cocoa Camino which is a premium line of Fair Trade Certified and certified organic chocolate. So not only is the chocolate not full of nasty chemicals, but those who work with the cocoa are not suffering from chemical poisoning, and they are also paid better for their work, imo this is always a good thing
      (If I’m not mistaken, dangerous chemicals like DDT are still used in some countries, so being certified does make me feel better, no pun intended).

      My wife and I picked up about 14 truffles, hopefully 7 each. You never know what can happen to truffles late at night, the chocolate banshees are known to thief chocolate late at night, at least that’s what I tell my wife. The truffles we purchased all had the similar base which consists of, Coca Liquor, raw cane sugar, cocoa nubs, and cocoa butter.

      1. Vanilla: vanilla extract, ground vanilla bean
      2. Honey Ginger: ground ginger, honey, ground vanilla bean
      3. Raspberry Green Tea: vanilla extract, raspberry, green tea, agave nectar
      4. Tropic: banana concentrate, rum extract, ground vanilla bean
      5. Almond: soymilk infused with almond extract, ground vanilla bean, agave nectar
      6. Spicy: cinnamon, chili powder, ground vanilla bean
      7. Coconut: coconut, coconut extract, ground vanilla bean, agave nectar

      Now first and foremost, all of these truffles are at least 3-4 bites in size for me, even for those banshees late at night they are a large truffle. The outside chocolate is thin, hard and somewhat bitter, not in a negative way, but compared to the soft rich inside it is nice contrast. These truffles are not the kind where you purchased a hollow chocolate ball and then pipe in some chocolate mixture. No these are dipped into chocolate, which means that they are not perfectly round, due to the large size; they are more like a mound of heavenly, sublime chocolate.

      My wife really enjoyed the Tropic truffle; in fact she ate both of them. The coconut was so good, with real coconut in the truffle made for a slight crunch, great contrast. The honey ginger was out of this world, the ginger went so well with the chocolate, really, really good. These are very, very good truffles! I’m not sure what else I can say about these beautiful truffles that the god’s eat on a special occasion.

      The only negative thing I can say is that due to the richness of the chocolate, the vanilla and almond where lacking somewhat in flavour. It seemed to me that the chocolate was over powering, and may I say this is not a bad thing. Now I love vanilla, we use 70-80 vanilla beans a year and maybe 3-400ml of vanilla extract (I just use extract for brownies). When I make vanilla ice cream I always use more vanilla bean than I should, but I can’t help myself. So it could be that I require or want more vanilla than what is needed.

      Also available are Holiday Baskets, different flavour hearts for your love one for valentines’. They also do special basket for different holiday. For some this place may seem out of the way, but I can assure you it is more than worth the drive to Lakeshore.

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        So I tried out a bunch of things from SAEB. And I agree with you to a point--the basic truffle is very good. And I say this even though I usually avoid truffles (mainly because at one point I was eating them everywhere, so much so that I got sick of them). But the basic truffle at SAEB is very, very good. The pure, intense, smooth chocolate taste is very satisfying. I wasn't as keen on the other (clusters and such) products I purchased. While the chocolate part of those was still good, I didn't find the way it connected to the other ingredients (like the dried fruit or seeds) in a way that was... cohesive. I also found that some of the flavours of bonbons weren't very flavourful--like Earl Grey and basil (not something I would ordinarily choose) and even the ginger/peach---just not very obviously anything other than chocolate. But since the chocolate was so good, I didn't mind so much. I did enjoy the almond and even more than that, the orange flavour. In any case, very impressive value for money given the size of the truffles and the quality!