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Jan 30, 2009 03:37 PM

Coffee scene in Ottawa-Gatineau

Can anyone tell me whether there are any interesting independent coffee bars in the Ottawa-Gatineau area? Or anything opening on the horizon? Don't get me wrong...I like Bridgehead, but I'd like the option of going somewhere different for a change. After living at the west coast for the past 7 years, it seems like a bit of a coffee wasteland. It would be nice to find something on the Quebec side of the river, too.

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  1. Umi café: drip and espresso is a little meh... baked goods have dropped a little bit in quality (good, but not like before); sandwiches and soups are good. wonderful atmosphere, great people, free wifi. used to be the sort of place filled with ppl with dreads, now it seems to be getting glebe-ish
    percy + somerset

    Raw Sugar: drip is worse than Umi, but drinkable. have only had the date square, and you can't screw up a date square. seems like a place for moms and knitters. home-y.
    a step west of bronson + somerset

    Francesco's: the only place i've been where i don't regret ordering the espresso; i don't remember if i've had the drip. rather small, they roast as well. free wifi. not such a CHILL place; a bit of a sterile environment. but it's fine.
    bank and fifth

    everytime i drink bridgehead it's rather disgusting, but when i had their grinds in my press it seemed okay. -shrugs-

    disclosure: i drink my coffee black + dark roast; if i have to add sugar or anything else to make it drinkable, then it sucks!

    1. I love The Scone Witch at 388 Albert Street. It's a lovely little café in a kind of odd location. The coffee is good, the scones are out of this world, the service is super-friendly, and the rest of the food is yummy, too. Check it out!

      1. Just thought to add a couple of others which are more directly downtown-

        Xpresso Cafe - at George @ Cumberland, nice atmosphere, interesting fair trade program
        Planet Coffee - the famous, usually packed, @ 24A York Street (in the courtyard off York)