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Jan 30, 2009 03:07 PM

Travel Channel: Man v. Food/Nawlins [Moved from New Orleans Board]

Did anyone watch this show 1/28/09 (Wednesday). The host visited Deanie's (I'm glad they're still there post-K) where he enjoyed his bbq shrimp in the kitchen because he couldn't wait to chow down, Mother's for a Fergie & lesson in debris preparation. Finally, off to Acme where he joined the 15 dozen club - now that was something to watch! Has anyone attended/participated in one of these "initiations"?

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  1. As a friend of the family that owns Deanie's, I have eaten there way too many times to count, so I'm part of the bbq'd shrimp club there. I have also had the Fergie at Mother's, but I think there are better sandwiches out there, mother's is waaaay overrated in my opinion. I would never attempt to eat 15 dozen oysters in one sitting, he had like an hour to do it correct? I much prefer to sit at the oyster bar on a lazy afternoon at Acme and talk to the shucker and befriend him, that way you get quite a few freebies while he is shucking for others.

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      Thank you roro. Yes he did have an hour to eat all the oysters. Ok, since you're a friend of the Deanie's family - who is "Deanie" - I like to "collect" New Orleans trivia when I can. Now if I remember correctly their bbq'd shrimp recipe is a secret?

    2. Hey y'all it's a "ferdies" @ Mother's. I don't think they named a Po-boy ofter the Duchess of York, especially after she went all weight watchers on us. adam