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Jan 30, 2009 02:09 PM

President's Choice Ravioli

Has anyone seen PC ravioli lately?

They had some over the holidays, fresh (in the refrigerator section), not frozen. There was pumpkin, porcini mushroom, and some others. Haven't seen it lately.

Can anyone help?

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  1. I think this was a short term release.
    There ar soooo many local places that make it fresh, Why settle for less?

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    1. re: Tony Brutto

      I saw them last week at the Loblaws at Vic Park & Danforth. Near the deli

      1. re: Tony Brutto

        Ya, if you want great pasta, agnolotti, ravioli etc, the best in the city (and Whole Foods, Pusateri and restuarants supplier) is Pastaio aka Continental Noodles at Jane and Lawrence.
        Talk to Dino, he is the best.

        1. re: The Boss

          I've always loved PC's ratvioli.

          1. re: The Boss

            Agreed, everything there is made fresh from scratch, and they do supply alot of major eateries and specialty stores throughout the city.

        2. I have tried them and found that they were very good for an easy dinner. The pasta is thin and delicate. I didn't like the pumpkin (or squash?) variety -- it tasted just like pumpkin pie, but the other varieties were good, especially the one with mozzarella in it.

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          1. I saw them at the Superstore at Don Mills and Eglinton this past week.

            1. you can find them at the small Ziggy's market in the St. Clair center - Yonge/St.Clair. I saw them there the other day, they do sell fast though.

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