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Jan 30, 2009 01:59 PM

veggies for dinner

Hi I have some vegitarian diners coming on monday for dinner. i was thinking either a goats cheese, squash and thyme tart or an aubergine parmigiana. can anyone reccomend starters for these? i am in the UK and have access to good farmers markets / veg etc.

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  1. How about you start with the tart, and do melanzane alla parmigiana?

    1. Your mains sound delicious. I would love both of them to be served -- a slice of this and a wedge of the other! Maybe a simple roasted tomato soup for a starter with a garlic-olive oil crouton with a sprinkle of cheese and black pepper (or a more elaborate topping..Google "killer garlic bread"). Serve in a big mug for slurping and dunking. Croutons could be rounds or long-ish slices.

      1. soup!

        gingery carrot?
        fennel and almond?
        so many possibilities...

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          I do like the idea of soup. Maybe a butternut squash or pumpkin soup with sage or thyme croutons.

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            Second soup. Parsnip and Pear, courgette and watercress, potato leek, to name a few more!

          2. Both dishes sound delicious! Just be sure that your guests do eat cheese, and specifically, cheese made with animal rennet.

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              Yes, it's worth checking how strict your diners are. For instance Italian Parmesan is made with animal rennet because that is the way it has been traditionally made and must be made in this way to be able to put the words "Parmigiano-Reggiano" on it in Europe. You may want to buy "hard Italian (grating) cheese" to be on the safe side. In the UK usually the labelling is very clear - unless a hard cheese is labelled "suitable for vegetarians" it will be made with animal rennet (i.e. animal stomachs). it's also worth knowing that all kosher cheeses are always made with vegetable rennet.

            2. thanks everyone! sadly my guests cancelled due to the snow in London. V sad. i made tomato soup with a arlic/basil oil also. its my lunch today... c'est la vie...

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                A roasted heirloom and fennel soup is great. Also for next time roasted mushrooms and fennel is wonderful with a stock base. And a roasted sweet fennel and beet salad is wonderful for a starter.

                Some whole grains, roasted brussel sprouts, mushrooms, scallions and tomatoes, olives and chilled with a light vinaigrette.

                Also roasted chilled asparagus soup is usually a favorite.

                And my tomato and potato casserole, bread crumbs no cream or cheese, just broth and fresh herbs baked. Makes a nice side dish. These are all ones I have made for a couple of my vegan friends.

                Anyways, I know it doesn't matter and sorry your guests cancelled but these are some dishes I have made and always had good reviews.