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Jan 30, 2009 01:12 PM

Bombay cafe in Boca - what's up?

Bombay cafe used to be a regular event for us. Tasty food, well seasoned and spiced. Lately their food has changed - bland and unappealing- looks like new cooks in the kitchen with a much different standard. Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. I always thought it was fairly below par but then I am a Brit in Florida and don't think Indian food compares to that in the UK. However, on occasion I fancy a curry and have bought food there. The place always looks dirty. Maybe the old owner sold out.

    Have you tried Curries and More (Palmetto Pk Rd East of Federal)? Food is pretty good though not all dishes are great and don't bother with their naan bread which is terrible.

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      Hi Smartie - thanks for the reply. We lived in NY and the indian food there is far better. Bombay cafe was ok - better for takeout but also better than the other options. We've also tried Taj in Deerfield and enjoyed it, altho the menu is limited.

      We will try curries and more and post back.

      Regards, Michael

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        i'm a big indian fan but not much of an expert. whats your opinion of Taj on Hillsboro east of federal or Madras on Powerline.

        1. re: Raboi

          Raboi I haven't been to either. I don't know many people who like Indian food in this area so have yet to go. I will have to drag one of my daughters' with me! I once tried the Punjab on US1 and it was dreadful.

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            Madras Cafe in pompano beach is the best Indian food I've had in the area. Their lunch buffets are great and you get a dosa with it. We went with friends one evening and ordered off the menu and the food was fabulous. I also really enjoyed a South Indian restaurant off Sunrise on University blvd called Udipi Cafe. They have fabulous south Indian vegetarian cuisine, especially on their weekend buffet. you should try that out.