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Jan 30, 2009 12:28 PM

sticky rice

Last Sunday in the midst of preparing our lunar new year feast, I observed we were low on rice. YEGADS! so I sent my husband to the local asian market to buy rice. When he returned, he tossed a 25 lb bag of rice off to the side and gleefully presented me with a Tsingtao t-shirt with an ox and 5 pairs of bright red tsingtao chopsticks. Having enough rice for that meal, I didn't look at the rice.

The next day, as I loaded my beloved fuzzy logic rice cooker with congee makings [leftover fish FYI], I opened the new bag of rice. YARK! To my dismay, it didn't contain my lovely translucent jasmine rice. No, this was white ish rice.....lots and lots. I take a quick look at the bag and it clearly states "sweet rice." Seems dear husband was sooo very excited the t-shirts and chopsticks [but NOT the pretty girls, okay? he made it very clear that he was NOT distracted by the pretty girls.........], he failed to look at what he bought.

So here we sit, with 25 pounds of sticky rice. On the bright side, the most rice picky of the pups [the one who says brown rice and sushi rice are NOT rice] seems to like sticky rice.

But what do I serve it with? I have Alford/Duguid's Seductions of rice and HotsourSaltySweet as a starter for dishes to serve with sticky rice--any other thoughtS

Even more importantly, do I really need to soak it for 12-24 hours to make it taste best? And is it possible to cook it in the beloved fuzzy logic rice cooker instead of a basket on the stove? The fuzzy has a setting for sweet rice but I've never tried it. If you can cook it in a rice cooker, do you still have to soak it?

If it were just me and husband home alone, I'd experiment cookingwise but we have 3 pups and they don't deal so well with "whoops, well that didn't work out, lets just have wine and cheese for dinner tonight"

all thoughts appreciated...............

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  1. I have never even heard of sweet rice, so I googled to find out.

    Found this if it's any help

    glutinous rice = sticky rice = sushi rice = sweet rice = Chinese sweet rice = waxy rice = botan rice = mochi rice = Japanese rice = pearl rice Equivalents: One cup dried rice yields two cups cooked rice. Notes: Despite its name, this rice isn't sweet and it doesn't contain gluten. Instead, it's a very sticky, short-grain rice that is widely used by Asians, who use it to make sushi and various desserts. You can buy this as either white or black (actually a rust color) rice. Substitutes: risotto rice (works well in sushi) OR short-grain rice (This also works well in sushi, as long as you use white rice. Brown short-grain rice doesn't stick together as well.) OR medium-grain rice (Also good for sushi)

    1. another Hound requested help with sweet brown rice a few days ago, and i directed him/her to the link - with recipes - on the Lundberg Farms website...

      white vs. brown doesn't really matter, so hopefully you'll find some good ideas there. you could also do traditional mango sticky rice, and if you Google "sweet rice" recipes you'll get a ton of hits.

      re: preparation, you don't *have* to steam it in the traditional basket. it might turn out best that way, but give the "sweet rice" setting on your rice cooker a shot & see how it goes.

      1. How timely. Just today I bought five lbs of Three Rings "sweet" rice here in DC to take back to Colombia. This is Sanpatong, my favorite Thai / Lao sticky rice. Sticky rice is not sweet, is NOT sushi rice, is NOT mochi rice, is NOT Japanese rice (although it is a low amylose Japonica rather than Indica rice). It does need to be soaked overnight and then steamed. Serve with laab, Lao BBQ chicken, Lao - Thai beef salad, Lao sausage, and green papaya salad.

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          Sounds like a Lao banquet feast to me, Yummy

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            Sam, You're a man who knows his food, Where do you eat while in DC? I am only two hours away, point me someplace good!

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              Funny! You have to ask the DC people. When I go to DC I get a great suite hotel and shop at SafeWay and Giant Foods and cook lots of the ingredients that I can't get in Colombia. I hardly eat out. I have friends over a couple of times as well. Sausages & kraut, more complex Mexican, full Japanese now and then, maybe Italian. I get to buy wines and Jim Beam that I can't get for any price at home. Good eating and drinking, but not good for the local restaurant economy.

            illustrates cooking this rice in a steamer basket.

            I've had good results cooking the black sticky rice (whole grain) in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes without soaking.

            1. Mmmm, sticky rice is comfort food. My mom's new method for making it is in the microwave and it's just as good as a long soak or steamed.


              With 25 pounds, if you're looking for recipes, you can do a Taiwanese sticky rice, kind of like fried rice, only better.


              With more time, you can make this:


     I want some of that.

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                Thanks for posting the Thai Table site. The recipes look great and I'm looking forward to trying some. I like the way it explains the ingredients.