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Jan 30, 2009 12:24 PM

Guayaki Yerba Mate - Loose Tea Leaves

Hoping someone has found this product in Toronto or Mississauga, Ontario....

Guayaki is the Yerba Mate tea brand... I have often purchased it in loose tea leave form from the US, but have not been able to find it in Toronto...

I would even like to hear if it was found somewhere else in Canada, so that I could order and prepay for it because if I order from the Guayaki website, I must pay in US dollars and also encounter Canada Customs...

I love this tea, help me find it...



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  1. No clue about brands but the only place I've seen yerba mate around Mississauga is at Lazio Bakery on Eglinton just east of McLauglin(southside in a small corner mall). Call 'em first.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      that's not too far off, thanks I'll check it out

    2. Try the Tea Centre in BC. They do a great mail order business. I order from them all the time. In addition, they certainly have things not on their website...

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      1. i've seen alot of this here in ottawa!

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          you've seen this tea in Ottawa, whereabouts... I'll be in Ottawa next month, I'll bring a truckload back w/ me, if I know where to find it... names of locations, addresses, phone numbers, anything to help me out would be greatly appreciated...

          1. re: iloveice

            lol sorry about my extremely vague reply...

            they have it at Wild Oat (Bank and Fifth; (613) 232-6232), they may be able to help out sourcing it;
            Herb & Spice (Bank and James; (613) 232-4087) have bulk teas, but i've never paid attention to the brand
            i heard they might have it at Little Latin America ((613) 235-4970) grocery on Somerset, i walk by quite often so i can check during the week;

            i hope you find it!

            1. re: dumpycactus

              there is an asian supermarket at the SW corner of Wilson and Jane (West end of the plaza). They have tons of stuff from different countries and they have Yerba Mate. Not sure what brand. Apparently Yerba Mate comes flavored, I didn't know that until I saw it there (Orange and Lemon I think.)

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                I've heard about that Latin Grocery store, if its no trouble, see if they have it??? I'll be in Ottawa during February and I'll buy all they have!! how far is Somerset from Orleans?

                1. re: iloveice

                  i'm not sure, as i don't drive... but the store is chinatown, and a few blocks west of bronson. does that help?

                  1. re: iloveice

                    sorry, i've been so behind lately!
                    have you gone to the store yet?

                    they don' have guayaki, but DO have:
                    nobleza gaucha
                    cruz de malta
                    la tranquera
                    hierbas serranas

                    all in 1kg bags, cruz de malta available in half kilo

                    hope you found what you were looking for!

            2. There's a Latin grocery/video store on Bloor near Palmerston (west of Palmerston, north side) which sells all kinds of yerba mate, but I don't know if this particular brand is one of them.

              1. looks like on their site it says it's available at the big carrot, olga's (wherever that is), whole foods... if you go on their site and search for retailers by state you can see the ontario ones. it's a poorly organized site but the info is on their homepage. i'm gonna give this one a try. i haven't seen it at the carrot but i'll check for it next time i'm there.

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                1. re: pinkskittles

                  olga's is right about on bank and rosebury, in the glebe, just south of the 417 that passes overhead