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Jan 30, 2009 12:17 PM

Unique Dining Option

I'm looking for a restaurant downtown in the E. Village or LES area that is a litlle more unusual, not your typical Italian or sushi, and also cheap for dinner tonight

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  1. I love the vegetarian joint Pukk on 1st ave bet 4/5th. Sleeping buddha at the door, and very tasty food! Oh, yes, it is Thai. Lunch is their really cheap time, but not bad at dinner either. Check their MenuPages menu to see if you like it.

    Also, the Tibetan just off St. Mark;s place called Tsampa. Lovely atmosphere!

      1. Where did you go, and how was it? I might have suggested Soba Koh, but I don't think of it as cheap (it usually costs me around $30 for dinner).