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Jan 30, 2009 11:59 AM

Brunch in Columbia, SC

My boyfriend's sister just moved to Columbia as a freshman at USC. We're going up to see her this Sunday and would like to take her to a good brunch spot. Somewhere with a good Bloody Mary for us two, that she'll also enjoy as a new college kid in town. Any suggestions?

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  1. Motor Supply Bistro has what many consider the best Sunday brunch. I would suggest a reservation.

    1. I second the Motor Supply Company. We live in North Caroling and any time we are traveling in the Columbia area on Sunday we make a point of going to the Motor Supply Company. Great creative food.

      1. I'll third Motor Supply.

        1. Hey guys, I know its been a while, but just wanted to mention that we finally got to Motor Supply Company! Wanted to say thanks for the recommendation, because we all thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. 5 of us ended up going, and not one of us had a bad dish. I would certainly recommend this restaurant to others.