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Jan 30, 2009 11:33 AM

The great liquor stores? And agricole rum?

Where are the great liquor stores of Los Angeles and surrounds? Good selections of oddball things, at good prices?

I currently favor Wine House, but I could use more options.

I'm currently a little obsessed with the New American Vodka wonderment (especially Charbay), reasonable brandies, and getting back to my roots: namely, bourbon.

(By my roots, I don't mean my ethnic, Vietnamese roots (I guess I'd have to drink expensive name-brand whiskey mixed with cobra blood and venom for that), but my drinking roots: namely, that glorious year after college where I had a little money and a taste for bourbon.)

So good places with oddball selection: hard to find small-batch stuff. Especially places that, like the Wine House, go for not just the super-expensive scotches and cognacs, but stock the neat-o bargains - like all the Californian and Oregonian brandies, and single-barrel bourbons.

Also: does anybody know a good place that sells Martinique agricole rum around here?



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  1. Topline Wine in Glendale has a huge selection of everything. I am not sure about that exact rum but they do have a good variety. The one in the leather sack (i can never remember the name) is excellent. They have a wide range of Cognac, Bourbun & Wiskey. They also have a Oregon & California stuff.

    1. silverlake wine has a small but interesting selection, and they usually carry st. james rum agricole (which is the one that most cocktail recipes have in mind). prices are pretty good as well.

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        Thanks! Do they have anything besides St. James? I'm not looking for agricole for cocktails - there are a number of sipping agricoles that I'm trying to track down.

      2. try Wally's , just north of Olympic on ?Westwood?. they have a killer selection of liquor and wine, and the people who work there know their stuff.

        1. I'd go with Beverage Warehouse. They have the widest selection I've seen so far. Almost positive they have several agricole rums, but i forget what specifically. You can check their stock list.

          Beverage Warehouse
          4935 Mcconnell Ave # 21
          Los Angeles, CA 90066

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            2nd'ed and 3rd'ed. This place just rocks.

          2. I'm a whiskey drinker, so I mostly look for great whiskey stores, but stores with great premium whiskey often have the best selection of other premium spririts. Here are the favorites:

            Wine & Liquor Depot, on Saticoy in Van Nuys. This unassuming looking store on a somewhat depressed block of Saticoy, just west of Balboa in Van Nuys, has one of the best Scotch selections in the country. They also have a great Tequila/Mezcal selection, very nice Cognac, and some good Irish and American whiskies.

            Hi-Time Wine in Costa Mesa, which also does on-line sales probably has the best selection of American whiskey (including Bourbon) in the LA area and also a very good Scotch selection and quite a few runs.

            Hi-Time and Wine and Liquor Depot are unmatched by anything else in selection, period, but there are a few other good stores to choose from, though they aren't in the same league as these two.

            K&L Wines in Vine, just south of Sunset (near the Arclight) has a small but very good premium spirits collection on the back wall. They get a lot of hard to find stuff.

            Mission Liquors in Pasadena has a good Bourbon selection.

            Wally's and Wine House tend to be overpriced.

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              Red Carpet in Glendale has a generally great selection of Boubons and a very helpful staff.