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Jan 30, 2009 11:22 AM

Best gyros on the north side?

Where can we pick up some delcious gyros for dinner tonight?

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  1. You might want to be more specific as to neighborhood. The north side is a big place, and there are gyros places all over. I doubt that you want to travel, say, between Rogers Park and Lincoln Park for gyros. Especially if you're not eating them there, in which case getting them close by means they'll still be hot when you get home with them.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      OK, well, I live in Old Town! So closer to L.Park than R.Park.

    2. There's always Nikko's on Elston at Western. Not sure if it's the best, but they are pretty good.

      1. I've lived in the Chicago area my whole life and hands down the best gyros is at The Works in Glenview at Golf and Washington Rds. It's a bit far from Old Town, but if you find yourself in the burbs, you won't be disappointed. I just returned from Greece yesterday and the gyros at The Works are better than some I had in Athens and the Greek Islands.

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        1. re: foodiefanatic26

          The works is very good. I am going to try Nicks Drive Inn today. It's a little closer to the OP. It's at Touhy and Harlem.

          1. re: cajundave

            I grew up in Skokie and have tried The Works and Nick's. They are both very good! However, my favorite place for gyros is Papa Chris, which on Touhy near Caldwell (across from the Leaning Tower YMCA on the border of Chicago and Niles.) Their gyros is great and plentiful and the service and friendliness of Nick, his sisters and their dad (Papa Chris) can't be beat!

            1. re: Scylla

              Going up to Touhy from Old Town is pretty darn far just for gyros.

              Another good place up north is Cross-Rhodes in Evanston. But it too is quite a distance from Old Town.

          2. re: foodiefanatic26

            I'm liking the gyros served at Hub's Restaurant on N. Clark St. between Catalpa and Bryn Mawr (on the W. side of the street) these days. No tossing the meat on the griddle to fry it here, as is done in probably the majority of places serving gyros in the city . . . it's cooked on the cone, sliced and served on pita that's been dipped in the drippings and griddled a bit first.

            1. re: gomexico

              Oh my - I went vegan for Lent and gyros were the one thing I craved the most (which was weird because I haven't had a gyros in years prior to going vegan). I forgot about Hubs. Thank you for reminding me about their gyros! Looks like a walking trip is in the works this weekend.

              1. re: gomexico

                >> No tossing the meat on the griddle to fry it here, as is done in probably the majority of places serving gyros in the city . . .

                Huh? I've never seen that done!