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Jan 30, 2009 11:10 AM

Soup dumplings in Bergen County

We had some at Dim Sum in Ridgewood last night and they were awful. Does anyone know a restaurant in Bergen County that serves good ones?

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  1. The ones at Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside Park are amazing & worth the trip.

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      I would second the recommendation of Petite Soo Chow for Soup Dumplings...also try the Jumbo Salt and Pepper shrimp and the Hot and Sour Soup....both very good and better than I have found n any other Northern New Jersey Chinese Restaurant.

      There has also been recent positive comments on the Soup Dumplings at Beijing Duck House, but I have not been to the restaurant in a couple of years. You may want to place a call to confirm they are still available. I have found that many restaurants open with them on the menu, but they soon take it off....Lotus cafe come s to mind for that....but lotus has a good traditional Fried Dumpling available.

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        Thanks! We will definitely try Petit Soo Chow. BTW, that name sounds familiar; we used to go to a place called Soo Chow on Route 46 (I think). They had very good soup dumplings, but went under new ownership.
        Have you tried the Lotus Delight at Lotus Cafe? Excellent dish..

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          Soo Chow's original owners sold...took it back and re-sold again.....reincarnated themselves again into Petite Soo Chow, in Cliffside Park....I cannot recall ordering the Lotus Delight specifically, but I have been eating there since they first opened nearly (20years?) ago. I usually order the same old favorites and let Teri, one of the owners, suggest and pick a couple of dishes for me.

          I just read a recent review about Beijing Duck House....and they have an item called Seaweed Fried Flounder available off their Chinese Menu...not printed, but as a special. I used to get that dish @ the old China 46 in Ridgefield Park. My niece loved it there, so I may have to give it a try at BDH.

          Silver Pond recently re-opened in Fort Lee. It's a classic Cantonese style restaurant that offer Dim Sum and I believe they used to offer Soup Dumplings as well. It might be worth a call to see if they do. It's on the short list for me to go back to see the renovated restaurant.

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            Re: Lotus's Tracy, not Teri who offers the bad... a pre-senior moment.

            Also, in the past, John's Shanghai in Edgewater also had some very good dumplings....however, I recently read the restaurant is up for sale....that may affect the quality possibly.... I believe they were associated with the John's Shanghai of NYC fame and the dumplings were very good at John's, however they were smaller than most in size compared to Petite Soo Chow's version. I am not a fan of PSC Pan Fried Dumplings.

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            I agree that Lotus Delight at Lotus Cafe in Hackensack is an excellent dish and one that you won't easily find elsewhere.

        2. re: grubberoo

          Thanks! We will definitely try them. Any other menu recommendations?

        3. You might consider Chengdu 23 in Wayne. Haven't had the soup dumplings, but the rest of their food it outstanding sichuan-style cooking.

          1. fourunder, it might have been my review of Beijing Duck house you read. i used to love the seaweed flounder at china 46, god i miss that place, but the one at bdh is better. china 46 used a seaweed powder for flavor and bdh uses a kind of seaweed paste. delicious! and just like china 46, a half portion is more than enough for 4 people. and this is a dish that doesn't travel well so eat it while it's hot. and they do have soup dumplings although we did not order them.

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              I'm totally excited to try the Beijing duck house- flounder sounds amazing (and i'm a soupdumpling nut)
              thanks for the review

              1. re: dock


                I cannot recall specifically where I read the review, but if you post a link to your review, I would like to read it (all over again). I am very interested.

                Thanks in advance

              2. i went about 1 month ago and the place was packed with about 50 drunken chinese people. they were from the beijing opera company and they said they meet there every year. they had an open bar and offered us scotch and wine. very friendly and loud and quite looped. we were the only non asians in the place and even though it was packed, the food came after a reasonable wait. i asked the waiter if he could translate the chinese menu for us since we were only interested in those dishes. he asked us what we liked, fish, meat, etc and then made some recommendations. thats how we discovered that they had the seaweed flounder. i assumed it was like china 46 so i asked for a half portion. it had about 10-15 pieces and was too much for the 3 of us. the cost was about $25 so i have no idea the size or cost of a full portion. a little greasy but exceptional. we also had the beijing duck and it was superb. they present it and then take it back and cut it up. served with enough pancakes and scallions, it was great. cut up expertly, all skin with just a little meat. crunchy, oily, tasty. next time i will ask them to bring back the carcass for me to devour. i enjoy duck and was disappointed they didn't bring it to me but most places don't unless you ask. we also had a rice cake dish that was also very good. i read that they make their own rice cakes but i cannot vouch for that. in all, very authentic and tasty food. large menu . the closest thing to china 46 i have found. i tried petite soo chow and was pleased but i prefered BDH. and looking at the other tables, their food looked really good too. platters just kept coming out of the kitchen but they seemed more interested in the scotch. the whole fish and snails caught my eye.