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Jan 30, 2009 10:59 AM

Loungey type bar near Columbus & 62nd for Girls Night?


We're going to Rosa Mexicana (the one on W62nd) for dinner. Are there any loungey type bars nearby?


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  1. Stone Rose in Time Warner Center

    1. Lounge in the Empire Hotel right next door, if you'd like to be closer.

      1. The Empire is closest though there's been a velvet rope on recent weekend nights. If you walk up the street a bit, there's Barcibo Inoteca on Broadway near 67th, Bin 71 on 71 & CBus, and Riposo 72 on 72nd between CPW and Columbus. Going south there's the bar in the Mandarin Oriental, Stone Rose, Landmarc, and Clo in the TWC.

        1. There is a lounge in the Hudson Hotel on 58th, as well as the Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle. You may have a wait for a table at the Mandarin, though. You also might like to know in advance that the cocktails there cost $19 each.

          1. I like the mandarin as well, despite it being expensive the bartenders know what they're doing. the view is also wonderful.