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Jan 30, 2009 10:49 AM

Fresh edamame in McLean?

Where in McLean or close by can I get fresh edamame in pods?

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  1. You might check the Balducci's. They have a decent sushi rack
    Naniwa grocery (6730 Curran St -- near the McDonald's) ought to be a sure bet.

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    1. re: Parsifal

      Found some frozen ones in pods at Safeway while we were there....


    2. Frozen ones are available at almost every grocery store, even SuperTargets.
      The out-of-pods are harder to find, but since you want in-pods...

      I've seen them for sure at Wegmans and Whole Foods in Fair Lakes -- not sure how far you're willing to venture from McLean though. The Asian marts have them as well (Falls Church/Merrifield/Vienna/Fairfax areas)

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      1. re: discojing

        For those interested, Trader Joe's now has "Edamame Hummus."

        $2.69 for a small container.