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Jan 30, 2009 10:31 AM

Searching for Chinese Chives

Anyone know of a source close to Needham, the closest Asian market would be Super 88 in Allston but I would like something closer?

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  1. The Asian market on Walnut St in Newtonville is closer to you, but don't know that they'd have them. I drove by an Asian market in Waltham the other day, on Elm St next to the Common near the train station. There are also various ethnic markets on Moody St, and then there's Russos's (didn't notice them last trip but I could easily have missed them).

    You could also try Baza, on Tower rd off Needham St in Newton Upper Falls. THey have a surprising assortment of various produce items at times.

    They are better known as garlic chives, you may have better luck that way. Maybe ask your local Chinese restaurant if they can order you a bunch with their next produce delivery?

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      Whole Fods at Fresh Pond has them, I wonder if the others do, too?

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          Thanks, I will try Whole Foods first and then if necessary, Super 88.

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        Every time I have been to Russo's recently (say in the last year or so), they have had both the regular Chinese chives (long, flat leaves) and the "chive flowers" (rounder stalks, with a bud at the top). Cheaper than at Super 88 and generally fresher, too, which seems to be true of most of their Asian produce. Now that Super 88 has cut their stock drastically, I'm not sure who has a wider selection of Asian produce. Probably still Super 88, but it's much closer than it used to be.

        Newton Corner Mart (Center St. at Newton Corner) would be a more likely spot than Jin Mi (Walnut St. in Newtonville). I think I have seen them there, but I haven't looked in a while. Jin Mi is mostly a Korean market and I don't think Chinese chives are used as much in Korean cooking. Newton Corner Mart is primarily Chinese, and they are at least twice the size with more produce selection. They also have some interesting prepared food including beef tendon and whole duck, and their "homemade" frozen dumplings are better than most in the Boston area.

      2. Frequently available at Russo's in Watertown - slightly closer than Fresh Pond or Allston.

        1. Just to confirm what others have said, Russos! I shop there twice a week and Russo's has chinese chives almost 100% of the time. In addition, they sometimes have chive flowers as well as yellow chives. I was at Russos today and they have all 3.

          1. Yes they do always have them at Russo's but beware... They make your fridge stink!!!! You might think something went bad or died in your fridge but it's just the pretty long chives in there.