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Jan 30, 2009 10:29 AM

Anywhere to buy Chivda/Chewda in Brooklyn?

I am in love with the Chivda I buy loose at Kalustyan's in Murray Hill. From what I can tell, Chivda is an Indian snack made up of rice krispies, peanuts, raisins, fennel and lots of other delicious spices. Problem is, Kaustyan's is a bit of a destination trip for me. I like to go there if I'm in kinda sorta the neighborhood (read: anywhere on the east side) or if I really need to update my spices. Feels kind of silly to schlep there for what is the Indian equivalent of a bag of chips.

Does anyone know if there are places in Brooklyn that sell a good version? I'm sure Jackson Heights has great ones, but at that point, I may as well go to Manhattan. Maybe Sahadi's or somewhere else on Atlantic..?

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  1. make your own chivda and save yourself the trip anywhere! my mom's recipe: just heat a TB of oil, add a few dashes of turmeric, then add almonds and spanish peanuts and stir... add rice krispies, raisins, potato sticks, and whatever else you like: rice flakes, fried chickpeas, cashews, etc., continuing to stir. turn off heat and while stirring, add a few dashes of salt and then a half tsp each of mint flakes, garam masala, chaat masala, sugar, as well as cayenne pepper to taste... (this is for about 2 cups rice krispies, but you can increase or decrease the amount of spices or various ingredients to your liking). it's superfast and easy once you've stocked up on all the ingredients!

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      yum! thanks for the recipe! I've done stuff like this for old/stale corn flakes, rice krispies

    2. Most places that carry the fried chana and such that you'd need to make it will have it bagged. Almost any Bangladeshi or Pakistani grocery on Church Avenue near McDonald will have massive bags of it.

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        Im not sure whether Ive ever seen really nice Chevda in Brooklyn like that sold in Little India or in NJ or the snack shops in Jackson Hts- but the Punjabi stores on CIA or Bangladeshi on Church would be most likely locations.

        my favorite chevda is a sweet and sour potato version maybe from Rajbhog
        I dont recall that Sahadi sells these snacks.