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Jan 30, 2009 10:10 AM

Where can I find HopSlam?

Dying to try this stuff and have scoured a good portion on Philly to find it. It was not at Total Wine or the Foodery. You cannot get it at a local distributor and I don't feel like driving out to Wayne or suburbia. Help a brother out.

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  1. Which foodery did you check?

    1. You don't see Bell's much in Philly. Try emailing the brewery

      1. Bells is participating in Beer Week in early March

        Did you check Society Hill Beverage? They have a great selection and will order for you

        1. You can get at least 4 different varieties of Bell's at the new Bella Vista beverage on 11th north of Washington Ave. When I was there a month or so ago they had the Porter, Cherry Stout, one of the ales, and another type that they were out of at the moment.

          ETA: I just called Bella Vista, they said they were shipped four cases of Hopslam when it came out and sold out of it very fast. He said that your best bet is to go straight to the wholesaler, which is Shangy's in Emmaus, PA. The guy at BV said they have 'stacks and stacks' of it there, but obviously if you're going to make the trek to Emmaus you should call Shangy's first..

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            Thanks BH. (cwdonald: I went to the Foodery in N Liberties). SH Beverage has a great selection but no luck. I'll give Shangy's a call. I'm pumped about beer week. I'll be at the 6pm craft fest tasting.

            1. re: juice

              Bell's is at Bishop's Collar on Friday March 6. 13 Bell's beers on tap and the owner of Bell's in attendance


              1. re: Bigley9

                Thirteen Bell's on draft!!

                It looks like he's heading over to St. Stephen's Green after the Bishop's Collar, the beer week site says he'll be there at 9:30 and that "All 12 taps will be pouring Bell's Beers, including the Hopslam, the outstanding double IPA."

          2. Where I live Whole Foods was the first to have it........great Ale, but pricey at $16.99 a six.