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Jan 30, 2009 10:06 AM

Wasabi Point - Elmhurst

Wasabi Point
76-18 WOODSIDE AVENUE, Elmhurst

I'm sitting here in Wasabi point, luckily free wifi...
They just opened yesterday and I've been looking forward to it opening for a few months, especially because there isn't really any sushi game in town.

The decor is very nice. Reminds me of Ayada a few doors down. Lots of deep brown with a green accent. Same designer or distributor?

The owners are Tibetan - which I am trying to curb my ideas of Tibetans doing Japanese... I think the chefs are Japanese, although I havent asked.

The lunch menu is very diverse with all kinds of Japanese dishes and sushi offered. Very respectable lunch menu. Today I got Ramen with chicken. I was impressed! I was thinking the whole wait that I ordered wrong (maybe I should have tried the udon, whatever), but no - stupid large bowl with a nicely grilled chicken and lots of greens on there in a pretty dark broth. Doesn't have much kick, but I added some red and green sauce at the request of the waitress - and it was better.

Sushi looked fine. but, I mean, they've only been open 2 days, it hasnt had the chance to spoil yet... so we will see what happens.

I'd like to see some more opinions... I will be back next week to have a proper sushi meal.

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  1. sounds like it's worth a shot. i hate to be a guinea pig when it comes to sushi, but i may try it this weekend.....any idea if they do (or plan to) deliver?

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    1. re: david sprague

      they do plan to, although not just yet.

      I have a feeling my search for great sushi is stlil ongoing. let's see if it's better than tomo... gotta be, right?

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        prettty much....i do default to delivery from tomo when cravings hit, but the best case scenario is always 'that wasn't too bad."