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Open kitchen restuarants?

Looking for input as to what Camb/Som/Med/Boston/JP restaurants have open kitchens. I know that EVOO is one but I'm having trouble coming up with others. It doesn't have to be a specific cuisine or price point. Lately, I've become enamored with actually seeing what the kitchen is doing with my food. Call me a nervous nellie but sometimes I wonder what really happens back there...

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    1. Not on the same caliber but Giacomos in the North End...

      1. Ten Tables in JP - get a seat at the "chef's table", which is two tall stools at the former pass-through counter, looking right into the open kitchen. Great fun!

        1. Sibling Rivalry has a small bar at which you can sit and eat while watching the kitchen

          1. Taberno de Haro in Brookline and Toro in the South End. Awesome Tapas at both. Myers and Chang - bar overlooks cooking area.

              1. All of the Miracle of Science group have open kitchens (MoS, Cambridge 1 Cambridge and Fenway, Audubon Circle, and Middlesex).

                What is the deal with Tory Row (in Harvard Sq)? Any signs of life yet? I guess they will follow in the steps of their siblings with an open kitchen.

                1. Avila also has an open kitchen

                    1. Finally visited Craigie on Main last night. Very, very nice and a *very* open kitchen (it even juts out into the entry area). Don't miss the turnip soup (I had it without the curry oil).

                      1. Rialto and upstairs at Troquet. Veggie Planet.

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                          Veggie Planet has an open kitchen? I thought it was in a separate area from the dining room/club?

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                            The dining room/club at Veggie Planet is mostly just the club. You have to have a ticket to sit in there if there is a band playing. The area where the kitchen is is where you will end up sitting most of the time.

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                              Good to know - I wasn't clear on how (or even if) there were separate areas for restaurant-only and the club, since I've only ever gone there as a concertgoer. Thanks!

                          1. Davio's in Park Square and Tuscan grill in Waltham have kitchen view bar seats.

                              1. Check out Catch in Winchester and Grill 23.

                                1. Sportello. It's like you're in the chef's lap.

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                                    Thanks folks. I'll add these to our list. Where is Sportello located?

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                                      Near the Children's Museum on Congress Street.

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                                        Olives has a chef's table with a great view.

                                        10 City Square, Charlestown, MA 02129

                                        348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110