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Jan 30, 2009 09:07 AM


Has anyone ever been to Tree? It is on 1st ave, b/w 12 & 13th I think, a small french bistro?Did you like it? I passed by it the other day and was considering trying it out....

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    1. I was only there once. I had the most perfectly medicore meal of my entire life. It was a perfect 5.00000000 out of 10. :-) There was nothing wrong with it at all--except a real dingbat server.

      My joke about Tree is that it's a great "break-up" restaurant. Your miserable time breaking up won't interfere with enjoying great food. You wouldn't want to waste a great meal at Le Bernardin or Gramercy Tavern by having a miserable time. Tree: the food's not bad, but it's so unmemorable that you can focus on whatever it is that you're also doing at dinner.

      That's probably not entirely fair to them. But I also feel no compelling reason to go back. Unless, well, you know...