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Jan 30, 2009 07:58 AM

Birthday Dinner in EVillage/ LES - for broke foodies

My friends always complain that they're broke. But we love food, and need a place to eat before a birthday party. It'll be like six girls, all late 20s early 30s. I'm up for anything, but so long as it can be relatively cheap. Foodie recs please!

I'm thinking of similar restaurants that I suggested to the teenager in the other thread, but was wondering if you guys had any better suggestions.

On my list is
Spitzers Corner
The Redhead
Blue Owl
Mr. Jones

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  1. Spitzer's Corner may work but there may be a wait for a table for 6 as it's pretty popular.

    Degustation will not work for 6 people as it is a small restaurant and counter seating. Prices are reasonable but Degustation is NOT cheap eats.

    Redhead may work but I think the prices might be a little high if your friends are truly broke. Mains run about $20.

    Blue Owl has food? From their menu, it looks like only olives and cheeses?

    Prune is probably out of your price range as well, and it's also quite small and cramped. I would not do a 6-top there unless you were in the lower level (there's a single large table downstairs) but you'll be isolated.

    As for Rhong Tiam it is in the West Village not the East Village (you said you wanted EV/LES in your title). There used to be Rhong Tiam *delivery* using the Kurve kitchen but it was only delivery, not the sit-down part of Kurve. Also, Kurve is not doing so good these days (thousands of dollars in back rent, eviction notice, etc).

    I haven't been to Mr Jones but I got the impression that it can get pricey quick.

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    1. re: kathryn

      it is technically im the village, but barely very west. laguardia is in a line w/ 5th ave i believe

      1. re: thew

        EV starts at Bowery as far as I'm concerned, and the OP wrote "EV/LES" which is why I assumed they wanted something east of Bowery.

        1. re: kathryn

          i wasn't honking on you (is that even a phrase?) i just meant that rhong tiam is not so far off as to be ridiculous....

    2. I keep recommending Dieci. Nice intimate space and great value for money, particularly the $15 sunset menu if you get there before 730 pm.

      1. Kuma Inn
        Lil Frankies

        1. Wow, we have very different definitions of broke. I was going to recommend Jeeb, but the quality of restaurants on your list are definitely a cut (and pricepoint) above.

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          1. re: JungMann

            well I'm personally looking for something that is a "cut above" - I want a good experience, not just something ordinary that I could get at any joint in the neighborhood.

            1. re: secondbecky

              How much do you want to spend pp, including tax, tips, and drinks?

              For example, Kuma Inn is BYOB but you can easily rack up $40pp on food alone.

          2. I don't know these places, but what about Mogador? It's not expensive, consistently good, and has a convivial, festive atmosphere. I'm sure you've been there. What do you think?