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Jan 30, 2009 07:49 AM

Newbie here - looking for the best cheesecake in Austin?

My sister has requested a cheesecake for her birthday - any thoughts on where to get the best traditional, NY style cheesecake in Austin?


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  1. Manny Hattan's sells Carnegie Deli cheesecakes.

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    1. re: austinfood

      Austinfood... You beat me to it. I'll second the Carnegie Deli cheesecake at Manny Hattan's. Just had it earlier this week and I'm always blown away by how good it is. Nothing else comes close.

      1. re: stephanieh

        I don't live in Austin but visit several times a year. Where is Manny Hattan's and what exactly is it? Is it a restaurant or grocery store? Thx.

        1. re: caitlink

          Manny Hattan's is a NY Deli themed restaurant in north Austin, in the Gateway shopping center near 183 & Mopac.

            1. re: coffeeluv

              Yes- I discovered that when I moved back here in December :(

              I was not wild about everything there, but I was especially fond of their challah bread.

    2. So where is the best place for cheesecake now that Manny Hattans's is gone? My wife also loves cheesecake and I would love to get her one for her birthday.

      EDIT: Last year I got her an Italian Mascarpone from Randall's and she absolutely loved it!

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      1. re: danny_w

        I haven't lived in Austin since earlier this year, but if Al Forno Pizza is still open on Parmer, they used to fly in Carnegie Deli cheesecake as well. I'd call first, though, to make sure. I miss Randall's giant chocolate chunk cookies. Their bakery items were actually pretty good.