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Jan 30, 2009 07:46 AM

Fresno Coffeehouses?

Hello All,

I am moving back to Fresno and was wondering if there were any good independent coffeehouses that serve a great cup of coffee. I have found Cafe Revue in the Tower District and love the drinks and feel of the place. I was wondering if there were any other places like this that haven't been discovered yet?


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  1. Javawava across the street from Fresno High at Echo and Weldon has a nice atmosphere.

    They have some food like sandwiches.

    Javawava also has entertainment like open mic night and many times is a stop on ArtHop.

    1. Not to be overly negative but now that Starbucks is on every corner, some of the really good independent houses are gone (i.e Kern Street, Cafe Corazon). The only place other than Javawava that I can think of might be Le Parisien - 2 locations - original at First & Herndon by TGIFridays and second at Nees and Palm (in GB3 center at the Bluffs).