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Jan 30, 2009 07:31 AM

Best Bloody Mary + Hearty Lunch spot in Miami

I live in South Beach and am searching for the best Bloody in the MIA. Results have been underwhelming so far. Explaining my bloody background/goals - I'm coming from Chicago and NYC, so my taste seems to run towards big lazy Sunday afternoon bloody with a sidecar that will either work with oysters/fried seafood, a big ol juicy burger, or something gloriously fried/greasy. Does any such oasis exist in the 305? I know that Scarpetta and the Ritz both have fair bloodies with their brunches, but the only experience I've had close to what I'm looking for, is the Chelada at Rosa Mexicano in Brickell. Please help! I don't care about price, scene, or location. Please help!

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  1. I have not had their lunch but I went to Brosia in the Design District for brunch and the food was quite good and found the Bloody Mary well worth checking out.

    1. I second the Bloody Marys at Brosia brunch. Good omelets too. And it's way cheaper than brunch at any of the hotels.

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        Third Brosia's bloody mary's, but wish there was a place like Prune with a whole bloody mary menu.

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          Your wish is fulfilled - kind of. Bourbon Steak has a half dozen different bloody mary variations - maybe not a full menu, but not bad (go to page 7).

          It's actually a pretty impressive cocktail menu and they take their drinks pretty seriously. Nice looking bar menu too ->

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            I am on a constant quest for the best Bloody Mary's. On South Beach, thus far and hands down, it's Clarke's on Sundays.....they actually use fresh horseradish and spices instead of some bland, watery mix that most places serve.

            Also, I just discovered down in the Keys, Snapper's has a make your own Bloody Mary bar with all sorts of accoutrements, from cheeses and peppers to shrimp. I am so there this weekend!

            Brosia's was tasty--they do a variation of the classic ...I think the one I had a few weeks ago had cumin in it. Not bad but not the best.

            Any other good Bloody finds? Please let me know!

      2. The News Cafe on Ocean Drive does a killer BM. Even the salted rim has other interesting flavors. Plus, they have the best Cobb salad in town.

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          You must have hit News on a good day, because the last time I had the BM there, it was, again, watery and tasteless!

          Another good one I just remembered was, surprisingly, Plunge at the Gansevoort, which uses chili flakes, among other seasonings..

        2. The original comment has been removed