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Centro Vinoteca or The Harrison?

My sisters and I are getting together for dinner. 2 of us are big foodies and the other is semi-foodie but generally cares more about the atmosphere then the food ( a fight we have a lot with her!)

Anyways I've made reservations for dinner at both and I haven't been to either before. I just want some opinions on food and atmosphere at both places and which one you think we should go to.

Thanks :)

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  1. I'm mad at Leah for kissing Hosea, so I'd say the Harrison.

    1. Harrison. Three words: duck fat fries!

      1. I'm a big fan of Harrison. Their sardine app and sweetbread app are great, as is the duck entree.

        1. neither are great food wise but id go to harrison over centro vinoteca these days.

          1. I went to Centro vinoteca twice. The first time was in January of last year and I liked it. I went back last July and the food was sub par. The service was also bad. I would not suggest this restaurant to anyone. I don't seem to be the only one not liking it because the restaurant was empty on a Thursday night last July.

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              Agreed. Centro Vinoteca was good when it first opened but is very mediocre now. Go to the Harrison.

            2. Harrison has a different chef than last year. The Harrison over Centro without a doubt. Not even close. Skip Centro.Harrison is great, probably why they are packed every night

              1. Is Central Vinoteca still "eh"? Is it overhyped now since Top Chef? Reviving this old post for possible new info. I have one dinner opening on my itinerary that I keep switching around.

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                  I've been to both (Centro Vinoteca only once), but not recent enough to be helpful. I liked Spartina (pre-The Harrison) better. FYI the atmosphere at The Harrison is pretty dark and clubby. They might still have outdoor seating. We generally go to Duane Park (also American) and probably need to try The Harrison again. Last time we went we had a disinterested server and only one dish was very good.

                  Please report back on your experience.

                2. Of the two I've only been to The Harrison and highly recommend it.The food is very good,as is the service and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.A good choice for both foodies and your sister who is looking for good atmosphere.