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Coquette on Magazine

Anyone been here yet? Looks cute from the outside...

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  1. I was there Friday 1/30 and had a delightful meal. The place was packed and we had a lot of wine when waiting for a table. Although they have bar service, which seemed well run, my party wanted to sit at a table. Unfortunately, I had so much wine, I forgot what we ate. I will go back. the atmosphere was nice, high ceiling, pretty wood work, gorgeous bar, plenty of mirrors and art work, and a unisex bathroom.

    1. where is it or what was it in a previous life?

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        Used to be Takumi and Table One before that. I had lunch there the other day and thought it was excellent. Pumpkin tortellini with duck, very moist and delicious, and a chicken stew that warmed me up. The dinner menu seems to have more seafood.

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          any idea who is in the kitchen or behind the restaurant?
          thanks for the location.

      2. 6 of us went last Thurs., tried ALL app. & entree items....it was a real pleasure; service, food &attitude were all very welcoming. The scallop main I had simply tied my tongue in knots of rapture. There was not a single exception to excellent reactions.

        1. This place is wonderful! Small menu, but seasonal and very tasty.. wait-staff is former Commanders and chef was sous-chef at August. Can't go wrong with that pedigree. Also-- it's a young couple's first restaurant, hope it does well.

          1. Its becoming a real neighborhood hangout. We have been several times and have loved everything, from the extensive wine list to the changing menu and it's well priced! The staff and the owners are all young and very professional. My opinion is its one of the best of New Orleans already.

            1. I stopped in for a quick lunch today and was very impressed! I ordered at the bar, and had a pork belly pate (it had a much fancier description) and a salad, both of which were excellent. I also had one of their speciality cocktails and a lovely dessert with berries and saboyan. I'll definitely go back!

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                  thanks for reporting. those oysters look heavenly.

                  (so many here with only one post have been singing its praises, which was becoming suspect.)

                2. Went there Friday night on the first meal of a weekend visit (in from Boston. used to live in NOLA but it was so long ago it barely counts). We were running late as we got stuck in traffic in the FQ from the transformer blowout and other annoyances, bad moods abounding...went to coquette sort of by accident - driving down magazine after 9pm taking a chance to find a good meal. had eaten there three years earlier when it was table one.

                  boy howdy was it good.

                  first off, our server (preston i believe) was wonderful. calmed us down and accommodated wishes for a window table upstairs. the meal was perfectly paced and the larger dishes were split for us into two plates or bowls without having to be asked. service was attentive but very unobtrusive, a tough combo to pull off.

                  second, the food was really quite good. we had the roasted oysters with fennel confit, bacon, and horseradish cream to start - lovely. cooled the hunger bad mood instantly. fresh, crusty hot bread to sponge up the oyster liquor. then a trio of small plates - bibb salad, bbq shrimp, pork belly rillettes. could have done with a bit more cheese on the salad, and i prefer my rillettes with a little more chew, but those are quibbles. the shrimp were fantastic - a great version of the pepper-butter sauces you get from the brennan family, but lighter and more fresh. the rillettes were like a smoky meat butter.

                  main dish was recommended by the server, the bouillabaisse. split in two ahead of time, each bowl bearing two oysters, two shrimp, crawfish, and some redfish. broth was good enough that there was competition for the last spoon.

                  we shared a bowl of macerated strawberries (i think in lychee cream) with handwhipped cream.

                  all this with a bottle of prosecco and coffee came to $140 with tip. it was our best meal of the weekend by far, and given the circumstances - grumpy couple late on a friday night without knowing where we were going - a gift from the chow gods.

                  1. Sounds really good - does anyone know days/hours of service?

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                      We ate there this past Saturday for lunch. Awesome.

                    2. oh, the old Table One and Takumi location. boy Takumi didnt last long -- then again w/ special rolls at $17 i can see why, i love sushi but only needed to go there once.

                      cheers to the new spot, hope they do well.