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Jan 30, 2009 07:05 AM

New Elevation Burger Location

Coming soon to the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center in Arlington, if anyone still cares about Elevation burgers. I was at Ghin Na Ree for lunch yesterday and saw the sign going up. Plenty of other restaurants in that shopping center if you stick your nose in and don't like what you see or smell. Like the original Falls Church location, for some reason, maybe all the restaurants, the parking lot at Lee-Harrison is usually pretty full.

I see on Elevation's web site that there are new ones planned in Austin TX, Philadelphia PA, and National Harbor and Baltimore Harbor East, wherever that is.

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  1. Would it bother you if I said "National Harbor, wherever that is"?

    Their sign in Harbor East once read "Coming in November" and it doesn't look like anything has happened since then. I will be surprised if I ever see that place open.

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    1. re: gregb

      This why we should continue to have a combined board. DC eaters have lots of Baltimore dining to find out about besides crabhouses and Greektown, and vice versa--Bmore hounds have learned plenty about Eden Center and pollo joints We could probably all agree the eatin's better at the locally-planned Baltimore Harbor East, with Charleston, Flemings, Roy's, Oceanaire, LebaneseTaverna (if they improve), Chiu's (if they behave), (Cinghiale (if you can spell it), the chocolate shop I'm afraid to visit, and a decent Whole Foods eat-in. Parking's closer and cheaper. And it's not downwind of Blue Plains or in Wilson Bridge traffic, but is an easy walk when visiting the Inner Harbor.

      1. re: gregb

        I don't know where Nathional Harbor is either, but apparently some here do. I'd never heard of Harbor East before seeing it on the Evoluton web site though.

      2. I call that Lee Harrison plaza the "Plaza of the Angry Yuppie"...the surface parking is atrocious and some of the patrons are entitled ass hats.

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        1. re: MsDiPesto

          Agreed. I like PieTanza and Taqueria Poblano, but the overwhelming numbers of ass hats and their progeny keep me away for the most part.

          1. re: Henry Spencer

            Exactly Henry, I should have specified that I do like and patronize many of the stores there, but some of the patrons make it feel like Mad Max on steroids!

            1. re: Henry Spencer

              Henry, I'm with you! I like the food at PieTanza but the atmosphere is Day Care Center. Every time I've been there, kids are running around, screaming, throwing food, and fussing. If you don't mind eating at a day care center, it's fine. I much prefer the atmosphere and food at Argia's next to the State Theater in Falls Church.

              1. re: MsDiPesto

                I never noticed rude or annoying patrons, but maybe I just get out of the way. I go, I eat, I occasionally shop at that Harris Teeter, I leave. Never understood why the parking lot is always full though. I guess there are more stores in that strip than I realize, though the restaurants are rarely crowded when I'm there. I wonder where the "ass hats" go.

                1. re: MikeR

                  The Taqueria Poblano in that shopping center is some of the best mexican food around. The margarita's (though small) are some of the best around.

                  1. re: fachauncie

                    TP is good, but the best Mexican food in Arlington, I think, is Taqueria el Charrito Caminante on Washington Blvd. Taste a chorizo taco, or a tortas sandwich at TECC, and you will never eat at TP without thinking that it would be better at TECC. But TECC doesn't have a proper seating area, so if you aren't ready to sit in the park a few blocks away from TECC, TP may work better.
                    I like them both, but I think TECC is a bit better.

                    1. re: Ziv

                      Most of my dining out is for lunch. I work, such as it is, at home, so it's important for me to "get out" for a break. I go for cheap and don't mind serving myself so I don't mind that aspect of Taqueria at all. They indeed offer some tasty and earthy food, but I prefer eating at a table rather than sitting at a stool by the window if there's one available or taking my food out to the car. Still, I manage a chorizo or tongue taco or two every couple of months.

              2. That is a very big family area so that is why there are always so many kids at those resaurants in the shopping center. If you want less of a family vibe, try going on a weeknight or pretty late on a weekend (after bedtimes).