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Jan 30, 2009 06:11 AM

Globe Bistro - quick review

I went last night for their January special. $15 for a burger, fries and a pint. turns out to be a very good deal. The burger wasn't the best I've had (Allen's is better), but it was definitely good. The flavour was very good, and the fries are nice. Not super crisp, but flavourful. My one complaint is that I asked for it medium rare, which they said they could do, but it came medium. AS a starter, we split their poutine. Mind you, this is a 'gourmet' poutine, so not to be compared to any traditional styles. It came with some braised lamb shoulder, which was succulent. I've had JK's poutine at Gilead Cafe, and I liked this one better. Mainly because the portion wasn't insulting.

The service was pretty solid. Place wasn't very busy, so that should be expected. Nonetheless, I recall a few complaints about their service, which I didn't encounter.

The $15 deal is only for January, so get it while you can. I bet that in this market, there'll be more deals coming.

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  1. I went for the burger last Friday night after work. Really hit the spot. My girlfriend thought it was a bit greasy but that's how I like it. It was fantastic. Home made pickles were really good as well. Fries didn't excite but were a great vehicle for the smokey ketchup.

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      I guess that explains my poor meal and terrible service I had when I dined their a little while back. I should have waited for January and had a burger and fries. Is the burger cooked to order?, and how is the bun??

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        We're heading there tomorrow evening. Along with the burger special, they have offered corkgage free-BYOW for all of January and a decent looking Winterlicious menu. Almost liking paying us to eat there!! LOL!!