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Jan 30, 2009 06:08 AM

Date Place in Monsey?

Hey everyone,
I have a shidduch date next week with a girl in Monsey. Can anyone recommend a good date place? I'm less concerned whether it's milchig or fleishig than if it's able to make a good impression. Price not really an issue. But Chasidim should be able to hold by the hescher.
Any help suggestions are much appreciated.
A gutten shabbos.

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  1. Most girls do not want to be taken out in their own neighborhood because they are likely to meet a lot of people. I would offer to take her to Teaneck (about 35 minutes away). Check Shamash or this site for details on restaurants. If she is ok with Monsey, then Purple Pear is the only nice restaurant we have. No tablecloths, but good food and ambience.

    1. If you are staying to eat in Monsey, you also have Sushi Metsuyan. However, it could be crowded there and there is a good chance she will run in to someone she knows. Like cappucino suggested, you may want to consider Teaneck. There are more options there.

      1. I vote Teaneck also - might as well go with Dougies.

        Good luck - with everything.

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          Thanks for the responses, guys, especially cappuccino. Turns out she WOULD prefer to go somewhere outside of Monsey so we're just gonna head into Manhattan where I'll probably do Wolf and Lamb, a great steak place.

          1. re: critical_mass

            How far is the drive from Monsey to Manhattan?

            1. re: cheesecake17

              depending on traffic, can do it in under an hour. I'm in manhattan on businesss so it works out nicely anyways.

              1. re: critical_mass

                oh it's not so bad. I just thought if it was too long it might get a bit awkward. Speaking of Wolf and Lamb- I love that place. The menu has everything and a lot of the appetizers are shareable.

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  I'm in the city on business all the time and it's become my standard place. I take business colleagues and clients tehre and tehy don't even realize it's kosher.