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Jan 30, 2009 05:58 AM

It Rains Fishes, Winchester, Pleasant Surprise

Pan-asiany place run by a very sweet Korean couple.

I went with with a buddy and my expectations could not have been lower. Pan-Asian suburban, oy whatever... That said a very pleasant surprise.

We ate at the bar. Nice mod look and feel to the place. Wonder if they refurbed since I ate lunch there 3 years ago.

App of salmon sashimi was sparklingly fresh. Not the fattiest salmon I ever had but is was gorgeous fish.

Had some Oshitashi (spinach) which was simple but good.

And for mains had the softshell crab roll and a california roll.

Again, keep in mind I had NO expectations here and so just ordered lowest common denominator stuff.

Gotta say both rolls rocked. Gorgeous, elaborate, slightly over the top pan-asian executions, slivered ripe strawberries as garnish, but really delicious including the strawberries. Again perfectly clean and fresh, flavorful, yummy.

I'd eat there again in a heartbeat next time I'm in Winchester. On my next visit I'll try some of the Korean dishes on the menu. They have mostly the usual standards, but heck if the sushi is any indication, they obviously care about the food.

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    1. re: justbeingpolite

      They also have thai stuff on the Pan-Asian menu.

    2. I was there about two months ago and enjoyed a spicy seafood udon soup. It was served in a cast iron cauldron, and it was *good* - the broth had a depth of flavor I really didn't expect. The host explained that it takes all day to prepare the stock, and it showed. Pleasant surprise, indeed.

      1. I work across the street and eat lunch there pretty regularlly. I'm not that fond of Pan-Asian, but I think they do a pretty competent job all around. The $8.95 Bento boxes are a bargain and cover a range of entrees (inc. Korean & Thai). Kind of funny sipping on some Miso soup and then eating a Thai Curry which is sitting right next to a Maki roll!