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Jan 30, 2009 05:22 AM

Silver Spoon on Roncey....thoughts?

Going there for the first time Saturday night. Just curious if anyone has been lately, and what to expect.

I know that it is owned by Agostino, of Pizzeria Libretto (which I like very much), so I am hoping it will be a very good night.

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  1. I have eaten there several times. The owner is very nice and aims to please. He will remember you if you go again. The food is quite good. I really like the corn crusted shrimp appetizer . The duck confit is great as is the lamb. Pretty little bistro. Enjoy!

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      I prefer the Boho/Liverbird next door. I am actually doing Winterlicious at Boho tomorrow night and am looking forward to it

    2. This is one of my favourite restos in the city. Chef/Owner Agostino is gracious but his whole team is superb. If they have a smoked fish offering, take it They were doing a smoked trout on wild rice "pancake" not long ago that was amazing. Definitely listen to the specials, too.