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Jan 30, 2009 05:19 AM

Cooking lobster tails

For Superbowl Sunday, it's eat whatever indulgent things you want for me and DH. He wants a nice pan-fried steak (crusty) so I decided that I'm going to indulge in a lobster tail since I see my local supermarket has a special. How do you like to cook them if you aren't broiling them? I've got a broiler phobia so I'm looking for an alternate method...maybe poached?

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  1. Recently I bought a couple tails and using kitchen shears, cut from the non-tail end towards the tail end on the hard shell side. Once cut, I spread them apart allowing the meat to appear almost outside the tail. Next, made a great butter/garlic/lemon sauce and brushed it on. Put them on the outside grill until done and they were great. Cooking time depends on their size of course. Serve with yet MORE melted butter and salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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      The way restaurants do it is simply......

      split down the back of the shell with a knife of kitchen shears
      expose and pull the lobster flesh out of the shell, but not completely from the shell
      rest the exposed meat on top of the shell
      Place on a sheet pan or shallow fry pan splashed with wine and lemon
      bake in the oven for an appropriate time depending on size
      finish under the broiler for color

      Many add Paprika to the top of the lobster before cooking to enhance color and presentation.
      finish in the broiler

    2. Poach in butter. They are tender and decadent. You will need a pound of butter in a small pan to poach them.

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          Thanks, must have overlooked that other post.
          Grilling is how I've preferred them before, but not feasible in this weather.
          I think I'll get the meat out of the shell (saving shell for stock) and saute.