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Jan 30, 2009 05:13 AM

interesting birthday dinner RI or southern CT

I wouldn't say my boyfriend is a foodie, but i want to take him somewhere for his birthday tomorrow and i'm at a loss, was thinking Ridizios in Prov(like i said he's not a foodie so i thought he would think it was fun) but the reviews for there are horrible! Please help, don't want to pay a whole weeks salary though.....thanks so much.

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  1. Google the menu for Up River Cafe in Westerly - is that location better than Providence? Food's great, atmosphere is really nice.

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      I have really enjoyed Up River Cafe lately. The bar area is so nice, right on the river, the fireplace, great service, great drinks, and of course food!

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        I love the Up River Cafe, but I live here in Westerly and was hoping to go somewhere new, any ideas, i do want to get out of the westerly, mystic, stonington area

    2. Try Cafe Nuovo in Providence. The food is always great, the view on the River is also pleasant and the restaurant is not pretentious....okay not overly pretentious. As for Cost the two of you with some wine can get out of there for $150. I do not know your budget but compared to most top end restaurants in Providence/Boston its pretty reasonable and in my opinion better than most if not all.

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        Clarke Cooke House, Newport? Great atmosphere, good food, not too over the top.

      2. How 'bout SolToro at Mohegan Sun?
        We only went once, but enjoyed the food and drink (and music!) and would love to go back. It's a pretty festive/lively setting for a b'day meal.

        Or take a ride to Lisbon, CT to Heritage Trail's just a few exits north of the casino. After reading JaneRI's recommendation, we went last week and loved it. See both our reviews here:

        Wherever you wind up, have fun!

        Uncasville, CT, Uncasville, CT

        Heritage Trail Winery
        Lisbon, CT, Lisbon, CT

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          Trio in Narragansett, owned by the Newport Restaurant Group: