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Jan 30, 2009 05:05 AM

Best take out/delivery wings in Silver Spring

I am looking to get a ton of wings for the super bowl. I personally like them nice and spicy but a place that has some variety would certainly be good. There has to be something better than the pizza places, right?

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  1. Urban BBQ has a space in Hillandale. Flavorful, meaty wings, not those "squirell ankles" you get at "Wing Street".

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    1. re: DC TOOL

      Do they deliver? Doesn't look like it. Website does have me drooling for BBQ at 9:15 in the am though. Thanks!

    2. My husband swears by the wings at Corner Pub in Four Corners. Everyone else pales in comparison. You can order them a couple of ways and they are meaty. The last time we were there they were preparing a takeout order of 100+ wings so I know they can handle capacity. I don't think they deliver.