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Brooklyn Pizza along Belt Parkway

All - looking for some quick responses.

Best pie around belt parkway (no more than about 5 minutes off exit)?

Di Fara is great, but had it and want something else.

Any responses opinions would be appreciated!

I have had New Park and enjoyed.

Just looking for a plain cheese pie.

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  1. J&V Pizza, 6322 18h Avenue, Brooklyn (718) 232-2700. Great pepperoni or Grandma pie.

    Italia Pizza, 307 Kings Highway, Brooklyn (718) 339-0666 for the Sicilian. Best I've ever had. Better than Spumoni Gardens.

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    1. re: Brklynbobby

      How about New Park - Forgot about that one...JV and Italia better than NP?

        1. re: Brklynbobby

          1524 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY

          1. re: abu applesauce

            Hands down the best. Look no further.

    2. Pizza Wagon on 5th Avenue off 86th St.
      Grandma's Pizza on 3rd Ave in the 70's

      Park on Shore Parkway--walk it off and go to both!

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      1. re: MrsT

        Just tried the namesake slice at Grandma's Pizza. Nice people behind the counter. The slice was O.K. I liked the thinness and crispness of the crust, and the sauce-to-cheese ratio was good (I like it fairly saucy). But I thought the sauce was too sweet. Anybody have any other recs on the best grandma-style slice in the area with a nice thin crust and decent amount of sauce, but not over-sweetened? Thanks.

        1. re: hhhippo

          Eh, you could try Ninos, 3rd Ave ca. 92nd St. Their menus and pizza boxes all claim that they originated the gramdma's slice. But, in reality, their crust seems to be chewy and unappetizing most of the time.

          1. re: scooter

            Loved the grandma's at Nino's. Sauce was AWESOME. Crust was good. VERY thin.

            1. re: serialportme

              Thanks for the tip and thanks for trying it out. I'll try to check it out soon.

      2. Since you mention New Park in Queens, I would also recommend La Villa in that same Howard Beach area. I believe they have a place in Mill Basin close to the Parkway as well, but I haven't tried that location.

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        1. re: gnocchi

          I heard the one in Mill Basin closed, I haven't been there for years. There is another LaVilla in Park Slope.

          1. re: MrsT

            there was a fire next door, some damage at La Villa
            but its since re-opened

            1. re: bruklinboy

              New Park was good. I will try one of the others and report back!


        2. La Casa Bella, a few blocks from the Cropsey Ave. exit: http://www.chow.com/places/20829

          Really great pizza. I'd go with their Margherita (or one of their other interesting pies) instead of just plain cheese, though.

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          1. re: Jeffy

            La Casa Bella was just ok. Sauce was a little Elliosesque.

            Any other places?

            1. re: serialportme

              I normally opt for the vodka or fresh tomato slices, neither of which have traditional pizza tomato sauce. But I could see how you might find the sauce on the margherita overly sweet.

          2. No contest for me, Totonno's in Coney Island on Neptune Ave. Under 5 minutes from the Ocean Pkwy/Shore Road belt pkwy exits and my fav in nyc. Call before you go to make sure they are open.

            Also in the area (really just go the opposite direction away from the belt) is L&B Spumoni Gardens. I don't 'get' their pizza, but many find the sicilian to be good. Don't travel for their round.

            I also enjoy the Sophia pizza from Ciccio's Pizza at 207 Ave U. Heavy on the garlic and yummy but not in the same league as a Totonno's pie.

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            1. re: dhs

              WOW - Totonno's was GREAT. Around $20 for a plain pie is a little pricey - but it really was AWESOME. Different, but better then New Park.

              Where should I try next??

              1. re: serialportme

                I had the same reaction the first time I went.

                1. re: serialportme

                  Wow - did you see Totonno's burnt down in Brooklyn?

                  Happy I at least got to try it...I feel bad for them.

                  1. re: serialportme

                    See other posts on the subject. They expect to reopen in 6 weeks.

              2. Korner pizza Church & 3rd might qualify as you get off the belt onto the Prospect Expressway, take Church ave exit, go about 3 blocks. If there is little traffic I think it can be done in 5 min from the belt.

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                1. re: Geo8rge

                  Del Mar on Sheepshead Bay Road - just north of Voorhies Ave. Thin crust
                  they've been there for 50 years.
                  V&S on Emmons just west of Sheepshead Bay Road.

                  1. re: mike in brooklyn

                    Tried Del Mar - very good. Not coal or brick - good old school oven though.

                    Classic standard pizza. Excellent crust. Easy on and off of Belt. $14 pie.

                    VERY good.

                2. Tried Originals in Canarsie.

                  Very good. Old School. A little greasy but to be expected.

                  Great cheese and sauce.

                  Any others I should do?

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                  1. re: serialportme

                    L&B Spumoni Garden is right off the belt and has some of the best square pizza ever.

                    1. re: SpiceJunkies

                      I have been considering it, but it looks tooooooooo saucy.

                      Is it?

                      1. re: serialportme

                        You either love it or you really don't like it. I happen to be one of the latter. It's actually not that saucy. It's just too thick and bread-y and doughy, and it gets really soggy and spongy in the layer right underneath the cheese and sauce. Some people swear by it, but it's not really what I even think of as pizza. I can only guess, but judging from the other pizzas you've enjoyed that I've also sampled (DiFara, Totonno's, Nino's, Del Mar, Original), I wouldn't expect that you'd fall in love with L&B's. Their spumoni, on the other hand, is really good, and I actually like the pasta dishes they serve in the restaurant section (when I'm in the mood for very hearty Italian-American fare).

                        1. re: hhhippo

                          Thanks for actually reading my updates - It has turned into an adventure for me.

                          Any pizza suggestions for me? I think you have a feel for what I am looking for.

                          I will save L&B for when I am looking for a non-traditional pie.

                          1. re: serialportme

                            No problem. Your pizza adventures are fun to follow.

                            I'm kind of stumped for further suggestions if you're still limited to hopping on and off the Belt Pkwy. Do you ever continue past the western edge of the Belt and shoot up around the Gowanus/Prospect Expwys? If so, I might have a couple of decent places to recommend.

                        2. re: serialportme

                          With respect to SpiceJunkies opinion, i find L&B's squares to be totally deadly: Too doughy, too salty, too acidic,

                          1. re: serialportme

                            I dont think it's thaaaaaaaat saucy. I'm a big fan of it though. it's a polarizing slice.

                            1. re: Jeffsayyes

                              I suppose I will have to try at some point...