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Jan 30, 2009 04:55 AM

le creuset soup pot?

i love the look of the le creuset soup pots, but was wondering if they were as functional as the dutch oven?

Also, I already have a 2 3/4 Dutch Oven and was planning on getting a 3 1/2 casserole, would a 5 quart dutch oven or soup pot be redundant? I do not cook meat much and if i do it's boneless cuts so i don't need a ton of space in there... thanks!

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  1. I have a 4 quart (or 4 1/4 or whatever it is) Le Creuset soup pot that I like quite a lot. But it's not good for the same set of dishes that my dutch ovens are good for. I've got a 5 quart oval oven from Le Creuset and a 5 quart round oven from Staub.

    If I had to choose one, I'd keep the oval oven as it can work for everything I cook. If I had to choose between the soup pot or a dutch oven, I'd take the dutch oven.

    So, to clarify and directly answer your two questions:
    1) the soup pot is not as functional as the dutch oven
    2) a 5 quart dutch oven or soup pot would not be redundant if you have the 2 3/4 quart dutch oven and the 3 1/2 quart casserole simply because you'd be able to cook much larger dishes in the 5 quart pot, whichever kind you got.

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    1. re: ccbweb

      Why do you feel it's not as functional? The bottom really isn't all that small for browning items before braising, and you can still roast a 4 lb. chicken in it or a medium pot roast, both flat or tied. It's wider across the top than the dutch oven. The sloped shape makes it easier to make a roux, and is better for risotto, and for sauces as it's easier to stir in it. It also works well for stir fry which the dutch oven doesn't.

      1. re: blondelle

        I don't think the soup pot is as functional as the dutch oven because while I think one can make everything you list in the dutch oven one can't brown items in as large a batch or larger items at all in the soup pot. I don't have any issues making a roux in my dutch oven and rice and risotto dishes work just fine in it as well.

        I can see how some people might prefer one pot to another for some uses. I think the dutch oven is more useful across a wider range of dishes and works well for pretty much everything one might do in the soup pot while also offering capability the soup pot doesn't have.

    2. It is a cute little pot but I think it is too small to be used for soup. It really does not hold very much. You would be better off putting your money into the 3 1/2 or 5 qt.

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      1. re: Candy

        I agree that the 2 3/4 qt soup pot is kind of a one trick pony. Wish they still hade the 4 1/4 qt soup pot, but I think they discontinued it. A good alternative is the Staub 4 7/8 qt country casserole or bouillabaise. I'm also a big fan of the Le Creuset 7 1/4 qt bouillabasse pot. Basically its a monster sized version of the small soup pot. I use mine a lot because I like having lots of leftovers.

        If you don't want something as big as the 5.5 qt French oven they make a 4.5 qt which is a good size. I also really like the 3.5 qt wide round French oven. It is the same diameter as the 4.5 qt if I remember correctly from mine, but is a little shallower. It's a very versatile size for me for risottos, braising, soups, etc....

        1. re: citizenconn

          The 4.25 or 4.5 qt. soup pot is still carried by Amazon. They have an exclusive on it. I think the LC 3.5 buffet casserole is a better, more versatile piece than the 3.5 qt low and wide though. The 6.75 qt. low wide is another story. It's one of the best, most useful pieces they make. The 2.75 soup pot is great for a quick meal, and also great for rice, curries, small stews, risotto, rice dishes, or even a 2 lb roast or large cornish hen with veggies. It holds more than you think ;-).

          1. re: blondelle

            Actually, I'd say my 2 3/4 soup pot is my second most used pot, next to my 3 1/2 DO. And I cook for a family of four. I use it on an almost nightly basis for rice or vegetable side dishes. It's really a perfect pot for rice. I suppose maybe LC is overkill for the dishes I cook in it, but I've found plenty of uses for it.

            1. re: paraque

              Is the 2 3/4 soup pot too big or just right when cooking small quantities ? I usually cook for 2 and wonder if the soup pot would be useful for us? I use my 3/5 buffet casserole often but it's really just a bit too large...

              1. re: fauchon

                It's really great for small quantities. I've cooked soup for four in it, but that's 2 adults and 2 toddlers. So realistically, I'd say soup for two with one meal of leftovers - which is just right for a couple. You could also probably fit a very small roast or a couple of chicken cuts in there, although it's not great for browning...

                I think it would make an ideal pot for 2.

                1. re: fauchon

                  They do also make a 2.5 qt. buffet casserole. That might work better for you.

                  1. re: blondelle

                    The 2.5 buffet casserole is a very nice pot and would give more surface area for browning. So it would probably be better for braises, small roasts, chicken cuts, etc. On the other hand, I can't see using it for, well, soups. Maybe I'm wrong - anyone tried it?

                    I f you're looking for a true all-purpose pot, I'd say the absolute best pot to cook for two people would be the 3.5 round dutch oven. It works well for just about anything that's not too large. The soup pot is more limited in what you can cook in it. What I like about to soup pot though is that while it's a great little pot for two, it transitions well to a pot for side dishes when you're cooking for more people. Also, the soup pot's usually sold at a fairly attractive price...

                    1. re: paraque

                      The soup pot is only $10 more in the 4.25 qt. size and more versatile than the 3.5 qt. Because of the rounded bottom you can make smaller quantities in it too. You can also get an average sized chicken in there as well as a medium roast that you can't in the 3.5 round and it's gives you .75 qt. more room. Amazon has had it on sale for $99.99 last year although now at $185 it's the highest I've seen it at.

                      If that doesn't meet you needs later on, you can always add a 5 or 6.75 qt. oval.

                      Amazon used to be a LOT more promotional as far as LC was concerned, and now with the bad economy their LC prices are the highest they have been. LC raised their prices a bit on 1/1/09, but Amazon gave you a much better break on this in the past.

        2. I had a chance at work today to look at the LC catalog. At the moment the soup pot is no longer being offered. So if you want one get it now. They are offering a 7.5 qt. Boullibase pot on a special price, same shape. Seems to me it would be a better size to own and more versatile.

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          1. re: Candy

            The medium 4.25 qt. soup pot hasn't been sold by LC for a good number of years. That size and shape is an exclusive configuration just for Amazon. No one else has it! It's an awesome, very useful, mid size pot.

            1. re: blondelle

              thanks! that's the size i was looking for. i love the soup pot but i was enticed by the bloomingdales sale and ended up getting the 4.5 oval dutch oven.. which was a good price i though at 125... i may still keep an eye out for the soup though

              1. re: qwerty78

                I was going to sell mine and just keep the 5 qt. oval, but even though I had many people who wanted it, I couldn't part with it ;-). Yes, the oval can replace the soup pot, but the rounded shape of this is so much nicer to use for soups, sauces, and many other things. Then I thought OK, I'll replace the oval and the soup with the 5.5 round, but I still like this better for soups, and sauces and other things that work in the 5.5, but not as nicely, and then you don't have the advantages of the oval.

                See how a cookware junkie's mind works when she needs to justify having more LC...LOL!

              2. re: blondelle

                Funny, I have some soup pots in stock and on the shelf.

            2. We have two 4 1/4 qt. soup pots and have also given a few as wedding gifts to friends who love to cook (I snapped up a few when amazon had them at $99, and got our extra one when they were $69 for something like one day). We all agree that it's one of THE most useful pots in our kitchens- they're really getting workouts (we all cook for 2 most of the time, but I use this pot all the time when we're cooking for company, too). I'd say it's just as useful as my Le Creuset french ovens and wide ovens.