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Jan 30, 2009 01:41 AM

Pho in Amsterdam?

Anyone know if there's Vietnamese pho to be found in Amsterdam? I don't even care if it's particularly good pho. I just need to satisfy this craving. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I know the feeling. A few months back I tried a place near Thaise Snackbar Bird on Zeedijk. It took me a while to find pho in the voluminous menu, but they had it. Not bad – I’ve certainly had worse. So: craving satisfied!

    I can’t remember the name of the place, but I found a link for Vietnamees Restaurant "Wellcome" – which may be it, although I’m pretty sure the entrance was on Zeedijk. If not, I’ll also post a link to the Snackbar that is only a minute or so by foot.

    Bird Thais Restaurant
    Zeedijk 72- 74 Amsterdam

    Vietnamees Restaurant "Wellcome"
    Geldersekade 56 Amsterdam

    1. Maybe at Cambodja City (they also have Vietnamese dishes): Albert Cuypstraat 58.
      Pho is not really well known in Amsterdam.

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        Cambodja City? of course you can try, but I wouldn't bother if I were you. Since the change of management there, some time ago, they changed in something horribly under par. The rave review they received years ago, is still pinned to the frontside, but this has nothing to do with what is actually served there.

        1. re: deepsandwich

          Ah, didn't know about Management change, this doesnt sound good.

      2. had Pho at 'Wellcome' yesterday in between my pub therapy sessions [i mean pub crawl]. it should probably cost €5 instead of €10. i'd normally make it at home but thought i'd give 'Wellcome' a go once and for all as i walk by this place all the time on my pub crawl route. (the pics are still in the camera.)

        Krees, give Wellcome a go. i think it matches your criteria.

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        1. re: Pata_Negra

          Thanks for adding the price. I knew that it was certainly over €5, but couldn’t remember how much.

          …and speaking of overpriced noodle soups, Wagamama could be another option if you decide that you are craving €15 ramen instead of €10 pho.

          1. re: rastan

            that's insane! i usually have a bowl of Wagamama ramen soup in Antwerpen on the way back to central station after my pub crawl. costs no more than €10.

            a bowl of Pho in Paris used to cost something like €9 and it was superior in comparison. but then when i go to Paris i moan the plane ticket to Vietnam costs just a little more! lol the longing never ends.

        2. Vietnamese Restaurant "Wellcome" at Zeedijk 57 (but I think there's also a door on the other side on Geldersekade) satisfied my cravings for pho and bun dishes. It's a touristy area, so it's not a super cheap meal (about 10 euro for 1 serving of pho or bun), but it is yummy, and the service is speedy. You'll have to ask for chopsticks, though. They default to knife and fork.

          1. there's a new Vietnamese restaurant that serves Pho:
            haven´t been yet myself but read some good reviews.

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              Judging from their website it looks like they're aiming to be sort of upscale Vietnamese. I'd definitely be interested to hear if the food warrants the higher prices!