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Where can i get Italian pine nuts in SD?

I just saw the pesto recipe on chowhound:


And i HAVE to try it. Anyone know where I can get high quality pine nuts form Italy?


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  1. I really don't think you need pine nuts *from Italy.*

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      Most pine nuts sold in America are imported from China. They are a different shape (not that that matters if you're going to grind them up) and some will tell you they have a subtly different flavor. I've never tried to test this thesis ... probably more important is freshness. Nuts are so oily, old nuts add a very musty taste to a recipe.

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        Actually, that's not true. The pine nut market in the U.S. has been taken over by cheaper Chinese nuts, and there have been serious problems. Last year I myself unwittingly ate some if these only to experience a terrible loss of taste for two weeks. I learned this was a common reaction from Chinese pine nuts, which a man from the FDA told me had had problems with rancidity. Imagine! China dumping shoddy goods on the US.

      2. some of the best pine nuts available are from the trees in New Mexico. We are happy with the pine nuts from Trader Joe's. (in agreement with jaykayen).

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            Pine nuts are already expensive for the domestic ones I can only imagine how much pine nuts imported from Italy would be. Go to costco and grab a bag for a good price.

          2. Wow, that pesto does look good. For Italian pine nuts check Assanti and Mona Lisa in Little Italy.

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                Just got some at Mona Lisa the other day - they sell them in little cartons at the cash register. Kind of expensive, but very good. Sweet and fresh.

              2. Fresh and Easy has small bags - perfect for a batch of pesto - for a good price. Good deal if you don't want a Costco vat of nuts.

                1. Did you try looking in just about any supermarket in the city? Whole foods and Trader Joes also have them. I'm not sure why you would specifically want them from italy. Unless you just like to pay more for the label. The same goes for rice and polenta (grits work fine).

                  The only thing I think is best specifically from Italy (other than the specific cheese and balsamics) is D.O.P. Marzano tomatoes.

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                    Try the Chinese pine nuts next to Italian pine nuts. There is a great difference.

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                      Whole Foods sold pine nuts in their bulk section (not sure about now) so you can buy as much or as little as you need.

                    2. That looks really good. But did anyone think that was a lot of pesto for such a small amount of pasta?

                      Makes me want pesto now

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                        I went to Farina last time I was in the city a couple of months back - his hankerchiefs in pesto were one of the best things I've ever consumed - and I am not huge on pesto.