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Jan 29, 2009 09:12 PM

New, from Jack In The Box!

Saw this via QSR magazine:

"Taco Nachos feature the chain's famous crunchy tacos topped with cheddar cheese sauce, melted pepper jack cheese, and jalapeƱo slices served with a side of fire-roasted salsa."

If you look on the Press Release area on the JIB site, there is a picture of this ......thing.

Oh Boy! If any takes a hit for the team, let us know how it is.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. How funny... so what did they do? Cut the tacos into quarters and pour the rest of the ingredients on top? The tacos are nasty to be sure. I'll crave them maybe once a year though. Something about throwing the whole shell in to the fryer with meat stuck inside that is so wrong that it's sometimes even right.

      1. So, fast food hounds, has anyone tried this yet? I sure hope they don't have the lettuce in the taco before they pile the cheese sauce on it. I may have to take one for the team, as I an enamored with those tacos.

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        1. re: danhole

          I think it's the same cheese sauce they put on their breakfast bowls.....gross! I

          t's artery hardening thick cheesy sauce......

          1. re: danhole

            Had to do it.... It was two tacos, cut up, and drenched in cheese. They put it on top of a bed of lettuce and have the sauce on the side. I must say that I would rather have the tacos in the regular form and be able to dip them into the cheese sauce. They delightfully crunchy shells tend to get soggy under the massive amounts of cheese sauce, not to mention that it was incredibly messy to eat, and I couldn't help feeling a little sickened by how many calories I was probably consuming. I would try it again if I asked them to just make regular tacos and give me the cheese sauce!

            1. re: typcalsituation

              So you say the sauce is on the side, but do you mix it on top of the tacos? What about the lettuce? Did it get limp under the tacos and cheese sauc3e? I have driven by JITB several times since my last post, but every time I have just eaten, and this doesn't look like something I can take home and re-heat! Did you get jalapenos on yours? You know you may have a great idea about just getting the tacos and dipping them in some queso. I never thought of that. Hmmm! I know you can get cans of cheese sauce at the store, probably quite similar to what JITB serves. A new recipe in the works, even if it is a junky one!

              1. re: danhole

                The put down a bed of lettuce, 2 tacos cut up, and just drench the tacos in the cheese sauce. There were jalapenos on top and salsa on the side. In theory, a delicious combination! Maybe if I'm feeling adventurous (AND behave diet-wise) I'll give these another try with the cheese on the side!

          2. I also had these and wasn't impressed. It wasn't a travesty or anything, but I wouldn't ever bother with it again.

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            1. re: kkachurak

              I had this by accident, I didn't know they were made from tacos when I ordered them. It's cut up into thirds and the other ingredients piled on. It's ok but I would probably never order this again.

            2. Kind of seems to me like gilting the lily. The tacos are perfection, especially the Monster Taco. May they rest in peace.