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Jan 29, 2009 08:22 PM

Your favorite ravioli fillings?

Looking for ideas for ravioli fillings

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  1. Just posted this last week, but no worries.
    Sausage, ricotta, arugula and herbs
    Butternut, mozz, parm and ricotta and herbs and carmelized onions
    chocolate, banana and walnuts
    Duck, walnuts, cranberries, apples and pears and goat cheese
    Chicken walnuts, brie and apples
    all cheeese like lots of blue
    dried mushrooms and ricotta with gouda smoked
    carmelized and smoked gouda

    The list goes on ... Anything from a simple bechemel with cheese, wine, sherries, herbs or a red sauce or a simple buttered herb sauce. I did a couple of posts of these.

    ENJOY! contact me at or I can post a specific recipe if you want, just let me know. Be glad to.

    1. FYI, shrimp with diced onion, red onion and mango with a orange and lime citrus sauce

      Crab with celery, onion, ricotta, avacado and filled with a spicy jalapeno cheese. Then breaded and pan sauteed. Served with a citrus glaze.

      Sorry Forgot Those.

      1. Wow you guys are making some crazy raviolis. Ricotta with parmigiano reggiano, Pecorino Romano, and spinach (and little parsley) is probably my absolute fave. Also love Pumpkin/Acorn/Butternut Squash, Ricotta and parmesan. Now that peas are coming into season I know I will be making ravioli with them.

        One thing I usually do is grind some nutmeg into my fillings. Another is that I don't bind the fillings with eggs which tends in my opinon to make them too cake-like. I like to instead bring everything together with just a little extra virgin olive oil. Also making your own ricotta will make your ravioli's 100x better.

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          I like egg, it doesn't make it too cake like is long is there is enough another ingredients. Olive oil to me is too greasy,

          Nutmeg, agreed, in most of my cheese sauces and greens. Have made my own ricotta, definitely good, usually don't have the time unless it is for a special party, then it is alot of fun to make. Also fruit raviolis are alot of fun for deserts served with a carmel cheese sauce and powdered sugar is great.

          Peas, love them in ravioli with roasted red peppers, onion and ricotta and my peas and mushrooms which I love.

          I also make a spinach purree that I serve over my ricotta and gruyere ravioli. A real simple sauce. Cook the spinach in the butter and olive oil along with some shallots or onions and garlic. When sauce purree in a blender or processor, add a little broth, just 1/2 cup or so, Some pesto, make your own or store bought. I keep some store bought on hand just to add as additions to some dishes. For this I only want a tablespoon or so. Makes a nice simple flavor to the spinach. Great over the cheese.

        2. I was invited to dinner and the host made her Genovese Italian family recipe for ravioli. They were filled with cream cheese, sausage, and spinach. Outrageously delicious.

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            I have used creamed cheese, spinach and crab, also good. I am sure that was amazing. I love ravioli.

            Lucky You!

          2. I tried a recipe from Giada with turkey and cranberry sauce. I did use fresh pasta rather than wonton sheets. I also added some mascarpone cheese. I liked them a lot, taste like Thanksgiving!

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            1. re: jme1beachbum

              Cranberry, walnuts, goat cheese and tarragon is also very good. I love wontons but good fresh ravioli is good too. My whole foods and another market sells the fresh sheets. Even my reg grocer sells them. I saw that recipe, Sounds tasty