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Yet another recommendation for Italian, PLEASE

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Hello all. I rarely eat Italian in restaurants (too spoiled by grandma's home cooking). I have gone to Babbo, and Lupa and enjoyed them very much. I also frequent a neighborhood favorite, Grano, and am never disappointed. What I would like is a recommendation for the BEST Italian other than Babbo. Price does not matter, any atmosphere, anywhere below the 80's, and a good wine list is a plus. It will be a special occasion with friends who love Italian. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Convivio. Alto also gets great reviews but I've not been there so cannot comment. Both have great wine lists.

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      I would suggest Alto - with the caveat to skip the fish dishes. I've posted two pretty long reports about my experiences there.

    2. Convivio

      All worth considering.

      1. Scallinatella is a nice option!

          1. If you like rustic Italian, try Peasant

            1. Peasant and Insieme would definitely be worth checking out. A couple of years ago, I would have said A Voce, but I haven't been since the original chef, Andrew Carmellini, left. I did not have a rave-worthy experience at Convivio, unlike others on this board. I also like Apizz, Centro Vinoteca and dell-Anima, but the food is not on a level with Peasant, which I would probably give the #2 spot to, after Babbo.
              If you want to stick with Batali, I happen to think that Del Posto is very good, though maybe not worth the jump in price when you consider that the food is just as enjoyable at Babbo (IMO).
              I have not been to Alto, though I hear it is very good, and it is on my "list".

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                del posto is great .... food is awesome .... service is out of this world .... tables are miles apart (you know what i mean) ...... they even put a little ottoman for my wife's purse ...... well worth the money considering what you get (or don't get) at similarly priced restaurants in the city.