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Jan 29, 2009 07:44 PM

What's best for calorie counters visiting Asheville?

I'm planning to spend a week in Asheville next month, with the goal of healthy eating and exercise. The hotel has a fitness center, and Asheville is made for walking. I've been there many times before, but have never gone with the intention of carefully choosing my meals so I can lose a pound or two. The food there is so good and there will be temptations, I'm sure! I'm familiar with the food at Early Girl, Tupelo Honey Cafe, and the Laughing Seed. Their menus are online, so I can plan out my week. Btw, I prefer vegetarian style meals but will eat seafood. Can anyone suggest any restaurants that might cater to those of us watching our waistlines?

Thanks :)

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  1. I eat sushi when I'm trying to remain untempted. Wasabi is pretty good, both times I've had the scallop sashimi it's been great. I've had one very good toro and one that was not worth the money. Rolls are also good, but some are sauced, I suppose to appeal to American palates, but you could just refrain from dipping your roll in the mayonais-y sauce.

    For vegetarian, I love Rosetta's , but I think it's all pretty heavy. Laughing Seed may be more diet friendly. The Harmony Bowl at LS is very virtuous. Also, at Doc Chey, if you get the soba noodle and spinach salad w/ steamed tofu and have them put the dressing on the side, it's a good option.

    But restaurants that "cater" to low cal? Absolutely not. I think it's the first thing they teach 'em ...ladle on the fat, hide it if possible.

    1. Laurey's would be a great place for lunch. Very healthy options, lots of fresh ingredients and veggie dishes. For brunch, Corner Kitchen does a great breakfast salad with spinach. Sushi is super healthy, and of course as you already mentioned, the Laughing Seed is probably your best bet. What about Marketplace or Bar 100? Haven't been in a while, but I know it at least focuses on local ingredients. Good luck. Dining out + trimming calories = tough.

      1. you might try nine mile in montford.

        1. I agree with Nine Mile. Everything is tasty, and seems to be made from fresh and natural ingredients.