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Jan 29, 2009 06:22 PM

The Independent, Union Sqr: shake up in the kitchen

We were there tonight and the chef got fired. I don't know any other details.

The quality has decreased significantly in the past 6 months and the service is even worse. Although the beer selection is still quite good.

(Shhh. Don't tell anyone: they are pouring double IPAs in pint glasses and charging the same price as any other beer.)

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  1. >(Shhh. Don't tell anyone: they are pouring double IPAs in pint glasses and charging the same price as any other beer.)

    A lot of places are doing this with DFH 90 as of late.

    1. The nice surprise to me about this place is how they got serious about cocktails in the past couple of years; it's not quite Green Street yet, but it is miles above most places in Cambridge and Somerville.

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        Quite so. And they take excellent care of their beer draft system, so the beer always tastes as it should.

      2. Wow, too bad it's come to this. Last time I was there in the late fall I had a pretty good meal. I hope they find someone who can sort things out in the kitchen.

        1. Hmm, I know the chef and haven't heard anything about this... haven't been around in a couple weeks though. If there's been a decline in quality it's probably because he had a kid and was out for a little while. People use the term chef so loosely that I wouldn't be surprised if it was whoever was in the chef position that night that would have gotten fired and Paul is still there. Some people say that they've got problems with consistency but I've never had anything but an excellent meal in the dozen or so times that I've eaten there (and their cocktails are fantastic as well). I'll have to go in and see what the deal is. Thanks for the heads up!

          1. No surprise - we ate there about a week and a half ago and waited almost 90 minutes to get our food. And it wasn't just us - a party of six or so seated near us actually broke out in loud applause when their food finally arrived!

            I asked our server if they were short-handed that night and he said no, the kitchen was just slammed. We were seated on the restaurant side, which had one or two empty tables, but he said the bar side was jammed and everyone was ordering food (at 7:30PM - can you imagine?) so the kitchen was really backed up. He and the rest of the FoH staff were trying their best to stay cheerful and keep people happy but it was a pretty stressed situation.