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Jan 29, 2009 05:47 PM

Best pastrami in L.A.

Personally, I like The Hat in Alhambra, but I was wondering what everybody else thought. I like hand sliced, but sometimes the meat becomes too much the star of the show. I like mine with lots of pickles and mustard, which can be drowned out by thick sliced meat. I like Langers, but I think it is way overrated. Canters is OK, too.

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  1. Not a pastramatist personally, but I've heard from many sources that the Johnny's Pastrami on Adams just east of Crenshaw is excellent. I've heard people claim they flew in from Colorado just to get one. They've been there for many decades, FWIW. Supposedly the Culver City Johnny's (near Tito's Tacos) is not nearly as good.

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      The one in Culver City is "Johnnie's" and we love it.

    2. My Favs in this Order:
      Modica's in Long Beach

      1. The Oinkster rules my dreams....

        1. I like Langer's and Brent's Deli which is a lot closer drive for me.

          1. Avoid delis for the kind of pastrami you want. If you think Langer's rates below The Hat then you just aren't into Jewish Deli-style Pastrami as nothing beats Langer's for that.

            People who like The Hat also seem to like Johnnie's Pastrami in Culver City.