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Jan 29, 2009 05:44 PM

Large dinner party (50 people) suggestions??

My friend is looking for a place to have an 80th birthday party for his relative. In the range of 50 people. I assume he would rather find a large restaurant that can handle a party that size, as opposed to renting out a banquet hall or something. Private room, perhaps? American food, standard fare - nothing fancy or incredibly expensive either.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I've recommended it a number of times, for large parties, but you could try Caracello on Greenwich St., just north of Rector. It's a place that I've been to for a lot of business lunches, a number of firm parties for which we took the whole place, and my wedding rehearsal dinner. With 50 people, they will close for your party.

    1. If traditional Italian-American would be acceptable, I would recommend Campanile. The food's very good, and the staff is friendly and capable. There is a private room, but I have no idea how many it can hold. However, the restaurant space is large and can easily accommodate 50 people. The owner, Slavko, is hands-on and will work with your friend to meet budgetary constraints, as well as making sure this special party is a success.