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Jan 29, 2009 03:59 PM

offal eaters

hi, i'm a student journalist at UCI, and i'm writing an article that explores the tastes, sensibility and ideology of offal-eating. i'm looking for enthusiastic organ or variety meat eaters to share their thoughts on cuisine, and possibly dine on some grisly (but hopefully not gristley) fare. if this sounds like you, or you have another interesting and outlandish food sensibility, please respond, thanks! hope to be trading tripe tips with you soon, or some such!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm a big fan of offal. My experience with offal comes from three different cuisines: 1) British, 2) French, and 3) Mexican. All three are quite big into offal. My favorite London restaurant, where I lived until recently, is Hereford Road (much better than St John in my opinion). See As you can tell, offal figures quite prominently in their menu.

      I'd be shocked if offal didn't also figure prominently in a host of other cuisines (Chinese comes to mind). After all, offal is all about simple, rustic, under-appreciated (and thus affordable) food that cooks often turn to during economic crises, when putting great food on the table requires a little bit more imagination and inventiveness than relying in the usual crowd pleasers.

      1. If you are looking for shock value stuff, things like tripe/stomach and intestine are pretty accessible and at the bottom of the list. (except smooth tripe can be a little slimy.) The worst thing I can think of tastewise is the spleen that comes in the soup at han bat shul lung tang in koreatown. Like eating an ancient rusty iron sewer pipe... except made out of meat.

        1. One of the coolest hits around is Anticucheria Danessi in Norwalk.They have anticuchos of beef heart,two kinds of tripe, and liver.Organ meats are there specialty.

          A mexican barbacoa de borrego(lamb barbeque)has the pancita(stomach)of lamb, along with cabeza(lamb head meat).Of course menudo and tacos de tripas(tripe).The sonoran tripa de leche(milk ducts)is amazing.The closest thing we have in LA is the Mercado Buenos Aires(Argentine) with the chinchuline(milk duct) in their parrillada. The morcilla, rellena, or moranga(blood sausage) is also very special.There's also buche(pig stomach)and an authentic mexican carnitas place offers pig stomach, liver, intestines, shout, ears, and skin.

          Danube, the only Bulgarian restaurant in LA has a tripe soup with a white broth, kind of like a northern mexican menudo blanco.

          Oh yeah, I'm down for some "offal" eats.

          By far the most strange I've had were the salted squid guts at Haru Ulala, a japanese izakaya in Little Tokyo.

          1. The original comment has been removed