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Jan 29, 2009 03:42 PM

LA Institutions

So, inspired by a recent post about Tito's mentioning "LA Institutions", and by the fact that I'm new to this city (and a food freak), I thought maybe we could come up with a list.
what is everybody's absolutely iconic LA eateries? any cusine, any price, so long as it typifies what makes LA unique.

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  1. A thread on classic old LA restaurants:
    Here's one on "Foodiest spots in L.A."
    And here's one for L.A. newbies:

    1. Ten LA Classics:

      Apple Pan, Pinks, Tito's Taco’s, Zankou, Philippe’s,
      Langers, Mario's Peruvian, Musso & Frank, Sasabune, In-n-Out

      1. Spago
        Moonshadows/Geoffrey's (somewhere on the beach)
        Yamashiro (for drinks - the iconic view)
        Monte Alban/Tlapazola Grill/Gilbert's El Indio
        Donut Man/Primo's/Stan's in Westwood
        Saddle Peak Lodge
        Dim Sum in SGV - Elite/Mission 261
        Monte Alban
        Dan Tana's
        Bay Cities Deli
        Cynthia's (for the cobbler)
        Josie's for the farmers' market menu
        Hungry Cat/Hatfield's/AOC/Providence
        Park's BBQ/Soot Bull Jeep
        Chung KIng - very spicy
        The Griddle Cafe
        Mashti Malone's for rosewater ice cream
        Campanile's Grilled Cheese Thursday's
        The Ivy/La Scala/Barney Greengrass/Polo Lounge
        The Farmers' markets - any of them

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        1. re: Emme

          Bay Cities certainly is addicting, and Monte Alban is next on our Mexican Adventure list--
          how does Daikokuya compare to the ramen place inside Mitsuwa Market?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Lawry's...with "Beef Bowl" competitions between Rose Bowl squads going back half a century or more!