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Jan 29, 2009 03:20 PM

We need a date...suggestions?

Recently went to Craftbar and loved it. Need something with equally good food, grown-up/not stuffy, and not too $$$. Any help so appreciated!

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  1. I just went to craftbar for my first time and really enjoyed it. We had the risotto balls, fried oysters and octopus for apps. The entrees were short ribs, goat cheese ravs and meatballs. We truly enjoyed every dish. I would return in a heartbeat.
    We just had an excellent meal to John Dory. It was pricey but very good.

    1. If you like Craftbar you might like Hearth, which is also kind of "Craft"-like. Good food, grown-up atmosphere, not too stuffy.

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        I second Hearth...chef used to work at Craft

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          Hearth is great. You may also want to look into Cookshop or Five Points as well. Similar price point as Hearth... or maybe even a tick or two below it.

        2. try the $35 prix fixe at Bar Blanc