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Need garbanzo bean ideas

I've put them in salads, and I know about hummus. What else can I do with them?

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  1. Felafel is always good. I love them curried. And Morrocan and Spanish and Italian cuisines include many flavorful soups based on chick peas. Just Google chick pea recipes and you will be surprised.

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      This time of year, I agree with you on soups! I have a chickpea saffron stew bookmarked to try from next month's COTM.

    2. Add them to soups or stews in place of other beans.

      And one of the best salads I've ever had was at Jose Andres' Zaytinya. It was chickpeas that had been roasted until crisp and were served with fresh tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. Fabulous!

      1. Today, someone posted about roasted garbanzo beans. You drain, pat dry and toss with olive oil, salt and seasonings and roast in a 400 degree F oven. I found a lot of recipes on Google and they sounded so good, I'm going to make some tonight.

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          I do this all the time. Awesome to add crunch to salads or to snack on at work. My friends eat them like it's popcorn. Really yummy and very easy

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            many ways to season them before roasting:

            - gingered (i use ground ginger, agave nectar or honey, and a pinch of salt)
            - curried
            - tamari
            - spicy (cayenne & salt)
            - wasabi (i use wasabi powder)
            - garlic & sage
            - pizza-flavored (basil, thyme, oregano, garlic, fire-roasted tomato flakes or powder, salt & pepper)

        2. I've sauteed some garlic and onion, added a can of diced tomatoes and a can (drained and rinsed) of garbanzos. Heated it up, put in a gratin dish, grated cheese on top and into the oven til bubbly and cheese is melted. It ain't haute but it's yummy and I always have the non-ingredients on hand.

            1. The Flexitarian Table, by Peter Berley, has a great recipe for roasted chickpeas (garbanzos) with bulgur. You roast the chickpeas with red onion, lemon juice, olive oil, and some spices, then mix it all with cooked bulgur. The dish is discussed in this Cookbook of the Month thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/514828

              If you're interested, I'll paraphrase the recipe.

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                If you don't mind, I would love it. Thank you

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                  I apologize for the delay. I prefer to make this with only half a cup of bulgur (and half the H2O, of course), as I think it's a better ratio.

                  Bulgur with Roasted Chickpeas, Red Onion, and Lemon
                  (paraphrased from The Flexitarian Table, by Peter Berley)

                  1 1/4 cups water
                  1 cup bulgur
                  sea or kosher salt
                  1 15-oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
                  1 medium red onion, thinly sliced
                  2 T extra-virgin olive oil
                  2 T fresh lemon juice (I use more)
                  2 bay leaves, broken in half
                  1 t. cumin seeds
                  1/2 t. turmeric
                  1/2 t. sweet smoked or regular paprika

                  Preheat oven to 400F. Bring water to boil in small saucepan; stir in bulgur, 1/2 t. salt, cover and remove from heat. Allow to sit 20 min., or until water's absorbed. Meanwhile, put remaining ingredients plus salt in an 8-10-in. ovenproof skillet, place over medium heat, and stir until it starts to sizzle. Place pan in oven and roast for 15-20 min., stirring halfway through. Stir together bulgur and chickpea mixture, add more salt if needed, and serve hot, warm, or room temp.

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                      That sounds great--thanks for posting it.

                2. We put them in pasta sauce, or in Indian dishes like aloo gobi, and chickpea curry. The other night my husband made three bean chili with garbanzos, kidney beans, and pintos.

                  1. I use chickpea flour (we grind our own with our VitaMix or a small coffee/spice grinder) in various gluten-free bread recipes.

                    1. If you want to be naughty, there is a fried chichi bean recipe right here on chow. I tried it but I didn't have fresh sage and I wasn't WOW-ed like I wanted to be. But if nothing else it cooks FAST.

                      1. One of our favorite soups--fast, easy, and just different enough:

                        1. I have lots of recipes. But, I like to pan saute in olive oil with garlic, onions, some black olives if I have them, a little chicken broth and even fresh arugula. Some fresh herbs ... mint is great, parsley, even sun dried tomatoes or any combo of that. It is quick and easy. You want to saute them till lightly brown and add the other ingredients. Great side dish. I like to use things I have in the refrigerator. Still very healthy and hearty. Mushrooms are also good.

                          I also like to saute them in olive oil and garlic with some onion and then mash with a potato masher. Add some fresh rosemary, salt and pepper and serve under roasted pork or lamp or chicken. Great (mashed potato sub) Feel free to add other ingredients or herbs that you enjoy. It is more the technique.

                          I also mash some in the food processor and use in bean soups, vegetables, stews as a thickner. Easy and inexpensive and if I have some ... why not. Great flavor!!

                          Great mashed with garlic and diced tomatoes and scallions, Served on a toasted baquette. Add some pre store bought olive tapenade on the bottom and top with the beans, garlic and tomato. Almost a hummus but not. I like mine better.

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                              Not fond of Indian, it is good I admit. Just not my favorite thing. Wish I could learn to like it more.

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                                  No, love spicy, just the flavor for some reason. Maybe just haven't experienced the kind of would enjoy. Just not comfort food for me. But I will eat it. I would never be rude and not. Just not a favorite I make.

                                  Me spice ... try my chili!!

                            2. Try this fabulous and easy to make pasta that also has grape tomatoes and mint and feta.


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                                Like it! Probably made something similar at some point. I am a refrigerator cooker. I always try to clean out my fridge. One day it may have had olives and goat cheese and the next tomatoes and feta, lol. Always fresh if possible with a few shortcuts.

                                I love all the combos you can come up with.

                              2. One of my favorites is Punjabi Chole.

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                                  Huh? ok, too many programs open to google anything else. Downloading a big file so please enlighten me. No clue sorry

                                2. Chana masala is very good if prepared correctly and is not complete mush.

                                  I also prepare a tasty chick pea salad. Cooked chickpeas, small dice of red onion, chopped roasted red or yellow pepper, EVOO, wine vinegar, and some salt. Very nice.

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                                    chana masala is my favorite way to enjoy chickpeas.

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                                      Same here. I'd say my second favorite would be braised lamb shanks with tomato chickpea puree, and my third favorite, pasta e ceci. ALL very good. : )

                                  2. oven roast them mmmmmmmm. better than chips.

                                    1. The last thing I would do is put chickpeas in a salad. I soak them for 12-24 hours then cook them with enough water so that the end result is a little bit loose and soupy. Add enough sea salt to bring out the flavor. Other options to cook the chickpeas with are dried mushrooms, onions, garlic, green pepper, tomato, pork products and more

                                      I cook them usually with a pressure cooker, until they are nice and soft. I don't like the al dente chickpeas which is what you use in a salad

                                      1. i puree chickpeas (or other beans) in the blender and use them in chili-it makes it really thick, and filling, plus it looks bean free (if you're dealing with kids, that's generally a good thing) .
                                        i've also heard of (though never tried) a chickpea based brownie recipe.

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                                          I agree, I think I wrote above or should of ..I too love to puree them as use to thicken stews, soups, just mash for a semi mashed potato. A good simple thickner.

                                          I make sort of a vegetable casserole using fresh diced tomatoes semi mashed chick peas, onions, mushrooms, diced potatoes, carrots, squash zuchinni and peppers. I know it sounds odd but it is great. I top with some grated parm and some added vegetable broth and bake. It is just a wonderful casserole.

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                                            Sounds delicious and you better like it (a lot) too because this is your new meat .... The way the economy is going. Try some nutritional yeast to amp up the natural meatiness of chickpeas. Good quality soy sauce works too

                                        2. These chickpea veggie burgers are super tasty. Have made as per directions (except no cilantro) and also have subbed in coarse bulgar instead of breadcrumbs for carb reasons. Sometimes crumble some extra feta in to get gooey pockets of metled cheese. My friend serves with a blob of garlicky mayo (aka cheater's aioli). I love with a runny fried egg on top. They freeze well too.

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                                            Sounds yummy, love the garlicky mayo, a nice tomato for me but I don't love too runny eggs, but ok. lettuce and tomato for me, lol.

                                            Still sounds good!

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                                              These sound fantastic! They're not dry?

                                              1. re: garriga

                                                no, sometimes some broth or an egg or other veggies to moisten, never had a problem.

                                            2. Here's a healthy dip that is also delicious

                                              Hummus Dip with smoked paprika

                                              makes about 2 cups

                                              1 (15 oz) can of garbanzo beans, rinsed & drained
                                              1/4 cup tahini (Middle Eastern sesame paste)
                                              1/4 cup warm water
                                              1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
                                              3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
                                              1 garlic clove, smashed and chopped
                                              1 teaspoon smoked paprika
                                              1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
                                              1/2 teaspoon salt
                                              Dash of chipotle chili powder (optional)

                                              In a food processor, combine the garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Blend briefly. With the food processor on, add 1/4 cup warm water and process until smooth. Add the smoked paprika, cumin, salt and chipotle powder. Process until fully blended.

                                              Serve with pita bread, crackers, taco chips, etc.

                                              1. A simple component of my meze repertoire
                                                chick peas, finely chopped scallions (or onion), & oil, lemon juice & allspice dressing
                                                S&P to taste

                                                1. Also,
                                                  Israeli couscous, aka kaskasoon(it's a tiny pasta, not to be confused w/ morroccan couscous, which is more like polenta), chick peas & caramelized onions. Chunks of chicken can be added for a 1 dish meal.

                                                  1. Molto Italiano, the Mario Batali cookbook, has a fabulous recipe for chickpea soup- with tomato sauce, lots of garlic, rosemary, and saffron. He adds pasta; I used fregola, the Sardinian spherical toasted pasta. You puree half the chickpeas and leave the other half whole...I do not own the book but will try to find the recipe and post if anyone is interested. The origin is Abruzzo,Italy.

                                                    1. Am I the only one who likes to heat them, drain them, add some salt & pepper, and snack on them by the handful, straight out of a bowl? I knew them as "arbis" long before we ever called them chick peas or garbanzos.

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                                                        I add a dash of chili powder and cumin before I roast them. Yummy

                                                        1. re: CindyJ

                                                          I put them in a bowl cold, s&p, bottled salad dressing (Ranch!) and eat. Mmm.

                                                          1. re: CindyJ

                                                            Arbis were always served at a bris.

                                                            1. re: Missyme

                                                              And in shul for one of the holidays, can't recall which holiday, though.

                                                          2. chick peas, handful of parsley, grate a clove of garlic , squeeze a lemon half, drizzle olive oil, mix. place grilled shrimp on top with some crusty bread, and a glass of wine.

                                                            1. Chickpeas and chorizo are a match made in heaven. I make a Spanish style chicken dish with chorizo and chickpeas which is just lovely.

                                                              1. My current way to use them is sauteed and then baked along with a Moroccan-spiced white fish or a Moroccan chick-pea and lentil soup called Harira. My husband loves chick peas, and I enjoy them as well so I'm on the lookout for ways to use them.

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                                                                  I enjoyed cod, sauteed in olive oil the moved once brown, then I add onion, capers, olives, and halved grape tomatoes. Some good seasoning, Oregano a dah of allspice, white wine and return the fish. Cook in the oven 10-15 minutes. Salt and pepper of course on the fish and veggies. It is a quick simple dish, great over couscous or served with a side of ..... guess what ... chick peas. May not be authentic, but it is very good Sometime less is more. The fresh flavors of the capers, olives and onions and the warmth of the allspice give it just a nice flavor.

                                                                2. This is from "The Vegetarian Epicure". I've not been vegetarian in decades but I still love and regularly crave this easy casserole. Great as a side or add a salad and good crusty bread, pass with more cheese and it's a main.

                                                                  Italian Chick Pea Casserole

                                                                  32 oz garbanzo beans
                                                                  3-4 ripe tomatoes
                                                                  1-2 green bell peppers, matchstick sliced
                                                                  1 onion thin sliced
                                                                  2 cloves garlic minced
                                                                  2-3 tbs olive oil
                                                                  pinch each: basil, tarragon, parsley, black pepper
                                                                  1 cup parmesan

                                                                  Sautee onion, garlic, and green peppers in olive oil. Add herbs and tomatoes and simmer. Add beans and parmesan. Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Is also good cold.

                                                                  1. WOW I'm amazed at all these great recipes. Thank you so much! I just started Weight Watchers to get rid of some baby weight, so I think these will soon become a staple in my diet.

                                                                    One more question, any one got a recipe for chocolate covered garbanzos? I usually like chocolate covered almonds to snack on, but those are pretty much out until I lose a few pounds.

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                                                                      i don't have a recipe for them, but my guess is that you could do it with basic roasted chickpeas (seasoned with a pinch of salt and maybe even a drizzle of agave or honey). let the chickpeas cool, then dip in chocolate ganache. if you want to keep the calorie/fat count down in the ganache, do what i do - reduce some evaporated fat free milk with a little bit of agave or sugar, a dash of vanilla & a pinch of salt, remove from heat, and stir in chopped, bittersweet chocolate. swirl until melted. you could probably coat the chickpeas by dropping them into the ganache and fishing them out with a fine-mesh sieve or a slotted spoon.

                                                                      crap, now i want to make these.

                                                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                        ghg, you are too funny! and maybe starbucksbrew can cut calories by simply drizzling the chocolate -- not dipping.

                                                                    2. Over the holidays, we went out for drinks and appetizers. I was surprised that they had deep fried garbanzo beans on the menu. It didn't tempt me but someone else ordered them and they were so delicious. Coated in salt and pepper before they were deep fried. We all scarfed them up!

                                                                      1. One use which I have not seen mentioned (unless I missed the post) is to include garbanzos in chili. Earlier this week, I was making a white chili which called for three cans of beans. I had a can of garbanzos open (from the night before) where I had used 1/2 cup. I also had a Trader Joe's 20 oz. can of red kidney beans. That made for approximately two 15 oz. cans. - so I made the recipe with garbanzos, red kidney beans, and pintos. It turned out great.

                                                                        1. here's one of my very favorites, and on a cold & blustery day like it is, this is perfect... snuggle up to the fireplace and a movie.... perfect afternoon.

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                                                                          1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                            chef c, i'd already saved your recipe to "my chow." i think it would be good chilled, too?

                                                                            1. re: alkapal

                                                                              Sure thing, its light enough and the cream isn't too much that it would coat your mouth. It's one of my favorite recipes, I'll have to try it cold too.

                                                                          2. I love chickpeas so much that I have tried pretty much every recipe going and then some. Not long ago, I was trying to do something I'd never done before with them and I found a Spanish recipe for 'tortilla de garbanzo'. It was delicious! The consistency of the chickpeas make the tortilla/fritatta really nice and firm and you can add lots of veggies, herbs, spices, a bit of cheese on top and you've got yourself a yummy dinner or starter.

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                                                                            1. re: Paula76

                                                                              Looking for recipes, I came upon this image that I'm still salivating over.
                                                                              I guess this is an over-the-top tortilla de garbanzo and it looks incredible to me.
                                                                              Great ideas are coming out of this image for me. Fresh tomatoes, olives, etc. Delicious.

                                                                              Look --> http://goodiesfirst.typepad.com/.a/6a...

                                                                              1. re: Cheese Boy

                                                                                cheese boy, i am linking the blog from which the image of that pizza came -- as you might do in the future: http://www.goodiesfirst.com/pizza/ind...

                                                                                i didn't read the original blog as saying this pizza place's dough was made with chickpea flour, but that "fainá" made with the flour is put "on top" of some argentinian pizzas.

                                                                                the pizza in the photo the blogger includes does not seem to include the chick pea flour product, fainá, described herein, where the blogger talks about the pizza "toppings" per se: "The most common toppings consist of green olives (whole with pits, which are tricky to eat), morrones (red peppers) and fainá, a thin chickpea cake that people just plop on top of their slices." maybe the fainá is the crust, but i didn't gather that from the blogger's language; who knows?

                                                                                The blogger then goes on to state (with a photo of the chick pea flour bag), " I purchased a lovely product called Fugafaina, which I'm assuming is the chickpea flour used to make these garbanzo bean delicacies." [which are the "fainás"].

                                                                                btw, a tortilla de garbanzo recipe: http://translate.google.com/translate...

                                                                                btw, herein is a recipe for a torta de garbanzo, a sweet cake made with chick peas: http://morselsandmusings.blogspot.com...

                                                                                1. re: alkapal

                                                                                  The tortilla that I meant was a Spanish tortilla and I based it on this recipe: http://marisadeorta.blogspot.com/2008...

                                                                                  However, being Argentinian myself, I can defjnetely confirm that the image on that blog, as alkapal mentioned, is of an Argy pizza which is generally served with fainá (we tend to put the pizza on top of the fainá). It is delicious but it can only be made with chickpea flour, never with chickpeas as such.

                                                                                  Here's a nice image of a good old portion of fugazzeta pizza and fainá as God intended!

                                                                                  1. re: Paula76

                                                                                    paula, that tortilla looked good! i laughed at the "translator's" "translation: 1 boat of cooked chick-peas (470 grm). it should've been 1 CAN of chick peas, http://dictionary.reverso.net/spanish...

                                                                                    (oh! look at that same blogger's "magdalenas de chorizo" : http://marisadeorta.blogspot.com/sear... ).

                                                                                    paula: you wrote: "Argy pizza which is generally served with fainá (we tend to put the pizza on top of the fainá)"

                                                                                    question for you: is the fainá in your photo used as the crust of a pizza dish itself -- instead of a yeast-based wheat flour pizza crust? or is the fainá put on top of the regular crust, then topped with cheese, etc?

                                                                                    <you have lots of good cheese in argentina? i've heard about the legendary beef there!>

                                                                                    1. re: alkapal

                                                                                      Ha, ha...I love the ridiculousness of online translators! I wonder what the outcome would be if we were to use a boat of chickpeas instead of a can! Maybe a tortilla worthy of the Guiness Book of Records? :-)

                                                                                      With regards your question, fainá is always an accompaniment to pizza and it was brought bythe Italian immigrants (they call it farinata although I am not sure whether they serve it with pizza). The pizza crust is made with regular flour and yeast and, generally, you order fainá by the portion in pizzerías and put your slice of pizza on top of your slice of fainá and eat them together, although as with everything else, a lot of people have different ways. I could eat fainá on its own as I absolutely love it.

                                                                                      The beef in Argentina (at the risk of sounding arrogant but trust me, I'm the most critical person when it comes to my country in many aspects!) is absolutely the best I have ever seen and eaten, without a shadow of a doubt. It's a combination of breed, feed, climate and cuts that makes it simply divine. I am not a huge meat-eater but if I am going to have red meat, it needs to be top-notch or I'd rather have something else. It's one of those foods where quality is absolutely essential...

                                                                                      As far as cheeses are concerned, I'm afraid our internal market is not that great; the best are exported and the cost of cheese is ridiculously high. However, some home-made cheeses in estancias are worth trying as are some Patagonian cheeses and the stunning goats cheese produced in Cafayate, Salta.

                                                                            2. Anybody made chickpea tofu? My husband doesn't do well with soy beans and they're having a tofu tasting party at his office. He's planning on making chickpea tofu as his contribution.

                                                                              1. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Garbanzo...

                                                                                Flourless Chocolate Cake made with garbanzo beans. You can't taste the beans but the texture is not as silky as if you were to make the traditional version -- but it's definitely not bad.

                                                                                1. I do braised chicken legs with chickpeas and chorizo sausage. Its lovely.


                                                                                  1. I like to eat them cold with olive oil, salt, pepper, & grape tomatoes. Sometimes I'll put some feta cheese in too. For more flavor, I use Italian or balsamic dressing. It's really simple and delicious too!

                                                                                    1. Anyone tried fresh garbanzos? They are so delicious! Very differnet from canned, processed!

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                                                                                      1. re: dimsumgirl

                                                                                        For a short time Tjs carried frozen green garbanzos.

                                                                                        1. re: lgss

                                                                                          How do you cook them, never had the fresh saw them though